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Story Console is a collection of stories made just for you — articles written to provide insight into some of your favorite brands, services and products. Whether it is categories from Health and Wellness, Alternative Medicine, Education, or Entertainment, Story Console is your go-to information destination.
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Jonathan Campau Provides Tips on Selecting the Right Agent for a Property Search

How do luxury home buyers and elite rental clients track down the best realtor to serve their needs? Time and security are of utmost importance in today’s fast-paced and overly connected world. However, the typical home or condo buying experience has, in general, remained an extremely tedious and inefficient process. So how are real estate experts connecting with the upscale...

Timothy Bratz, One of the Most Influential Real Estate Professionals in the Country, Gives Insight into His Success

At only 23, Timothy Bratz started his real estate investment company during the greatest real estate recession in the country in 2007. He started investing in real estate by buying single-family homes and flipping them. With a lot of determination, he eventually scaled that to flip 80-100 houses per year and built one of the largest residential property management companies...

Breaking into the Real Estate Industry as a Mompreneur: Jamisa Mclvor Bennet Shares Her Secret

Entrepreneurship is daunting, and being a mom is also challenging. On the other hand, real estate investment is majorly dominated by men, which poses a challenge for women trying to establish their spot in the industry. Despite all that, Dr. Jamisa Mclvor Bennet has marked and cemented her spot in real estate investing. Jamisa is a mother to four children,...