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Here’s Why the State of Texas Sent Kyle Dendy on a Speaking Tour in its Public Schools

Social emotional learning is a term used to describe education centered around topics bigger than traditional textbooks touch on. These topics include self awareness, discipline, confidence and more. Over the last few years, the state of Texas has recognized the need for SEL curriculum to be implemented into the education system to set up students for success in their relationships,...

Natalia Elenkina's Advice to Young Models on What to Expect from the Modeling Industry

Thousands of girls these days post their photos on Instagram in the hope of getting lots of likes. Many who don't have money to go to modeling classes but know different posing techniques hope that some photographer or brand finds their photos attractive and approaches them with a modeling contract. For many, these far-fetched dreams may come true if they...

Best GRE Prep Course: Which One Will Launch You To College

Your career and college dreams greatly depend on your Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores. With the help of GRE test takers and teachers, our expert team thoroughly reviewed and compared the best GRE prep courses based on the overall effectiveness, quality of study materials, cost, support, and other relevant features. Here are the top five online GRE prep courses and...