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Why Mason Versluis’s Unique Opinions Resonate With People Around the World

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Over the years, cryptocurrency has garnered a lot of popularity from different players in different industries. Now almost everyone wants a piece of the pie as they realize the potential of cryptocurrencies. People are also opening up to the fact that digital currency might be the future.

With the buzz around cryptocurrency, there has been the emergence of many new coins. Additionally, the market has witnessed a host of crypto pioneers and new crypto influencers as everyone wants to weigh in and jump on the crypto bandwagon.

Mason Versluis, aka Crypto Mason, is a crypto investor and influencer sharing his thoughts and perspective on crypto news and cryptocurrencies. Mason’s unique opinions and his straightforwardness in expressing them have seen thousands resonate with his content. In less than a year, his Tik Tok account has grown to over 500,000 and 100,000+ subscribers across two of his Youtube channels.

Understanding the complexities of the crypto market, Crypto Mason breaks down his content into small bits. This allows anyone to understand, even beginners.

Now 21, Mason has been trading cryptocurrencies since he was 15 years old. However, he started with content creation last year. Before that, he had a music marketing agency that didn’t meet his expectations and had to close down. Using the revenue his agency had generated, he decided to fully invest in cryptocurrencies which later progressed to creating content around crypto news and currencies.

Many people have the mindset that crypto trading is a get-rich-quick type of investment partly due to the many stories they’ve heard. This is one of the reasons some end up failing and giving up too soon. Telling it like it is, Mason is not afraid to voice his opinions and thoughts. He notes there are good trades and bad trades. Additionally, success isn’t something that happens overnight; rather than focusing on short-term returns, invest in cryptocurrencies that have great potential.

In a recent interview with Business Insider, Mason shared his outlook on the future of Bitcoin, a feature that saw him receive a lot of backlash from some of the readers. As stated by Mason, although Bitcoin is currently the biggest cryptocurrency by market value, his personal opinion is that one day Bitcoin will be passed by Ethereum or XRP.

Mason has been trading XRP on and off since he was 15 years old. During this period, he has spent his time doing what he does best – researching the coin and how it’s fairing in the market.

However, to stay safe due to the volatile nature of the crypto market, like most traders, Mason has an extensive portfolio. He has a unique portfolio of about 17 coins that he thinks will survive in the crypto space for years to come. Mason says he’s a fan of cryptocurrencies that are trying to merge traditional finance with modern finance and blockchain technology as the world gears up to a digital future.

His helpful opinions have seen people continuously calling him a financial advisor, a title Mason has vehemently denounced. According to Mason, he doesn’t view himself as a market guru or financial advisor. In crypto trading, success is dependent on learning. “As the market evolves, everyone gets to learn something new every day,” says Mason. To practice safe trading, Mason advocates for people to do their own research.

As he continues to grow his portfolio and build generational wealth, he’s hoping to reach more people with his content and help them learn something new.

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