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Why Coaching Is Key to Your Company's Success, According to Ajit Nawalkha

Ajit Nawalkha (ascend 42)

Amid the increased business competition and the ravages of the Covid-19 pandemic, companies and organizations are still under pressure to improve productivity and overall performance. However, it's somehow proving to be a challenging course for many companies. The local and global business environment has become more modest, with every player pushing hard to outweigh the competition and remain afloat. But, among the many business strategies, coaching and investing in employees has remained the key to success.

Ajit Nawalkha, an experienced business coach, serial entrepreneur, and business author, is one of the proponents for coaching in driving business success. Ajit shares vast business world experience with expertise in different fields, including sales and marketing, optimizing tools, building teams, and business growth. He works with companies to create positive change in the world while helping them realize their profit-making goals.

The former CEO of Mindvalley has been many companies’ secret to scale to over 50 million in value and profits. Ajit has also invested in multiple streams of business talent, all of whom have consistently delivered. Ajit has maintained a prolific approach throughout his career, whereby his business strategies have constantly been focused on empowering people. Essentially, all his business policies are centered on people and not directly on profits. To him, profits will always come and remain the bigger goal, so it is essential to invest in people.

A firm believer in coaching being the key to your company's success, Ajit founded Evercoach, a key leading coach training company. The company is on a mission to enable millions worldwide to become teachers, coaches, and educators of influence. Ajit says that Evercoach serves to help companies understand the power of coaching in transforming their business fortunes.

As an author, Ajit has written three books, with two emphasizing the importance of coaching. The books include Live Big, The Book of Coaching, and The Business Book of Coaching. Collectively these books have amassed over 50k copies sold and are Ajit’s inspiration to keep pushing.

Ajit strongly believes that business leaders should be more like coaches rather than authority figures. To him, coaching is an effective and practical communication practice for leaders to unleash their employees’ best performance. His advice is to engage with your employees and general workforce as that's the secret to success in the highly competitive business environment. Ajit says that only through coaching will you be able to grow best and empower your employees.

Ajit points out that the essence of coaching is for the company to create authentic work relationships, which he terms as a long-term investment in the company's health. He places coaching as having the same business significance as marketing strategies and capital technology. Ajit puts people before everything else as they're a vital resource that informs the success of others.

To him, company leaders should do their best to embrace coaching to maintain and fully leverage other company assets for its overall success. Ajit emphasizes the key to creating an enabling work environment where the human resources will feel empowered and part of the company's dream.

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