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Top-Rated CBD Flower and Hemp Pre-Rolls of 2021

Top-Rated CBD (accelerated 1)

When the 2018 farm bill passed and legalized industrial hemp at a federal level, hundreds of CBD flower companies burst onto the scene offering a wide variety of smokable hemp products. But as CBD genetics improve and growers produce better and better harvests, it can be difficult for consumers to know what brand and which CBD strain to buy.

So to help you choose the best possible strain, we have rounded up our top five CBD hemp flower strains of 2021. These are the most powerful, enjoyable and aromatic buds that produce optimal effects.

All CBD buds on this list are legal, lab tested and spectacular in their own rights. But remember that everybody is different and that you need to sample a variety of CBD flower in order to find the perfect bud for you.

If you're ready to experience the benefits of smoking hemp flower that is rich in cannabinoids, read on for an in-depth look at the best CBD pre-rolls and CBD buds available in 2021, plus a breakdown of our smoking experience with each strain.

Top 5 CBD Strains

We had a few requirements for each of the CBD buds and pre-rolls we sampled for this list.

First, they needed to come from a reliable CBD flower vendor. You should look for a company that follows strict guidelines for purity, performs regular lab testing and checks their hemp strains for potency, terpenes, moisture and contaminants, as well as ensuring that their products comply with legal guidelines.

Secondly, the buds needed to be enjoyable to smoke and produce a noticeable effect in both mood and body.

And finally, the flavor profile should excite us, and the CBD buds should have a powerful aroma that is rich in terpenes.

You'll notice quite a variety in the flavor, aroma, and CBD content in the strains below. You may want to try a few strains in a bundle before making a big purchase to make sure that you find the best strain for your personal needs at a good price.

1. Sour Space Candy

Sour Space Candy is a classic strain and a staple in the CBD flower game. Almost every CBD flower vendor offers some variation of the strain which makes it a great place to start for people who want to try smokable hemp flower for the first time.

With roughly 17% CBD, the Sativa dominant strain offers unmatched flavor and a serious mood boost. Considered a daytime strain, Sour Space Candy combines a sweet floral taste with notes of tropical fruits and sour candies creating a delicious and smooth smoke.

Sour Space Candy creates a nice euphoric feeling with a lovely lightness in the mind and a sense of comfort and wellbeing that is absolutely sensational. The strain truly does the name justice!

2. Lifter

Lifter is another classic that has been on the CBD flower market since day one. It has a bold aroma and strong uplifting and focusing effects.

The flavor is sweet with sharp notes of pine and hints of lemon peel. It has a really pleasant funky, sharp and spiced scent that is close to that of regular cannabis and the big dense buds are perhaps the prettiest CBD nugs on this list.

Lifter is considered a daytime strain but it is really quite a flexible strain that works at any hour of the day. It creates a wave of calm energy that keeps you focused, relaxed and clear-headed without making you hyperactive or anxious. The 17%+ CBD percentage creates a lingering sense of ease that follows you seamlessly flow from work to play.

3. Magic Bullet

It's rare to find exotic, complex CBD strains like Magic Bullet. While most strains fall into "same-same" category, Magic Bullet offers something unique and wonderful. When you try these CBD buds for the first time, you'll understand why MB is so special.

At first touch, the buds may throw you off a little though... They are denser and harder to the touch than most other CBD buds but they have a nice stickiness to them and they break down perfectly.

The flavor profile ranges from hoppy to floral with notes of pepper and bursting citrus. If you are a regular CBD or cannabis smoker you can have a lot of fun discovering new notes with every toke when smoking Magic Bullet.

The effects are very relaxing and create a floating sense of ease that shields your mind from the worries of the day. Magic Bullet has a relatively high CBD percentage and creates a soothing, long-lasting sense of calm.

You will definitely want to smoke Magic Bullet in the evening or night time to wind down after a long day. It creates a serious sleepiness that is unfit for daytime consumption (unless you're getting ready for a nap).

4. Bubba Kush

Bubba Kush is another classic CBD (and cannabis) strain with very sedating and soothing effects. Most people turn to Bubba for a good night's sleep or a relaxing evening chillout session.

The flavor profile is high-octane! Bold earthy flavors and spikes of pine with well-rounded notes of dark chocolate. The high CBD percentage along with the complete terpene profile makes Bubba Kush one of the most powerful night time strains available today.

5. Sour Special Sauce

With a more moderate CBD percentage – coming in at around 15-16% – this CBD flower will take the edge off your day while providing an almost immediate boost of focus and calm.

Sour Special Sauce is an Indica dominant CBD flower that works well as an evening treat, releasing any tension collected throughout the day.

The strain blends sweet berries with sour citrus, earthy notes, and a gaseous, diesel kick for a unique flavor. The focusing effects of the flowers will keep your mind alert, while the rich terpene profile gives you the best full-spectrum experience.

Sour Special Sauce pairs really well with social events, opening your spirit to an evening of delicious food, music and play!

Why Smoke CBD Hemp Flower Buds?

If you've used other hemp products, like CBD creams, tinctures, or gummies, you've likely enjoyed a relaxing experience and may even wonder why you should smoke CBD flower at all. And while many people prefer CBD tinctures and gummies, others choose CBD joints and buds for a few common reasons.

One is the ritual of smoking the herb and immersing yourself in the flavorful, aromatic experience that only can come from the CBD flower itself.

Another reason that people turn to smokable hemp is because they find cannabis too debilitating due to the high THC content. While they enjoy the experience of smoking, the high associated with delta-9 THC is just too much to handle. For some people it even causes crippling paranoia and anxiety.

Additionally, CBD flowers allow enthusiasts to benefit from the true full-spectrum experience in the quickest possible way. Terpenes, cannabinoids, fatty acids, flavonoids, and other natural compounds work in synergy to create a more impactful experience than most tinctures or gummies ever could. This is thanks to a phenomenon called the entourage effect.

At its most basic level, the entourage effect implies that smoking or ingesting all parts of the flower together provides more interaction with your body compared to consuming individual parts of the CBD flower.

When you smoke CBD hemp flower, you feel the effects of the CBD much faster compared to other forms of consumption. The compound enters your bloodstream through small blood vessels in your lungs, increasing its bioavailability and resulting in an almost instant feel-good sensation.

Finally, when you smoke CBD flowers, you can know precisely what you're consuming. Instead of worrying about additives, fillers, sugars, or other dangerous substances in your CBD products, CBD flowers are just that: dried buds, harvested from hemp plants.

How To: Picking the Right Strain

Choosing the right CBD flower isn't easy, especially with all of the different strains and vendors available. You could smoke countless strains of hemp flowers before determining which product you prefer and the truth is that each moment of the day calls for a different bud.

So before making a purchase, consider the experience you would like to have because smoking some strains result in an intense sense of relaxation, while others keep you awake and alert.

Consider your goals before deciding on a strain, check the product's description, and reach out to the customer service for extra guidance if needed. More than likely, they can point you to the best strains for novice smokers or guide you to the best selection of the season.

Most importantly, choose a strain that has had its CBD (and other cannabinoid contents like CBG) verified by third-party lab tests, so you can feel confident that you've selected a premium product.

Does Hemp Flower Contain THC?

CBD flower (also known as hemp flower or low-THC flower) comes from the same female Cannabis Sativa plants that marijuana does. CBD Hemp flower and marijuana share many similarities, including their terpenes, flavonoids and physical resemblance.

But the one key factor setting them apart is their THC content. Hemp plants are legally required to contain less than 0.3% THC in order to classify as hemp plants while cannabis is allowed to contain much higher levels of THC.

It is the high THC (specifically delta-9 THC) content that makes marijuana intoxicating and produces the psychoactive effects. With hemp however, the psychoactive compound is found in such low levels that it is safe to consume without getting intoxicated.

Cannabis is a regulated drug that only can be purchased through licensed dispensaries and delivery services while CBD and CBG flower can be purchased at affordable prices online and in some retail stores.

How Does it Feel to Smoke CBD-rich hemp flower?

In general, smokers experience a deep calm and relaxed sense of wellbeing when smoking hemp buds. CBD pre-rolls can help settle anxious nerves or relieve stress, especially if you choose a robust blend with high CBD levels and a full terpene profile.

Some hemp flower smokers may feel a false high due to the similar flavor and aroma that hemp and marijuana share. Typically, though, you'll simply feel cool, calm, and collected.

However, do not expect medical miracles or anything that comes close to the effects of high-THC flower. Some cannabis smokers who try CBD flower for the first time will compare the two herbs as if they were the same and it causes some confusion. Especially when they argue that CBD is snake oil with no benefits because it does not produce an intoxicating high. That is far from the truth though, and you need to stick to a regular and long-term CBD routine in order to keep your body's endocannabinoid system in healthy homeostasis.

While the Food and Drug Administration has yet to validate any claims concerning CBD, many people describe a greater feeling of relaxation, wellbeing, and even relief from physical pain and mental discomforts after smoking CBD flowers. That said, CBD flowers shouldn't be used to treat, cure, or prevent any diseases or illnesses.

Is It Legal to Smoke CBD Where I Live?

Hemp became legal at a federal level in 2018, when the Farm Bill removed industrial hemp as a scheduled drug . You can legally purchase and smoke CBD in all 50 states, as long as your products have less than 0.3% THC.

Unfortunately, some places have banned hemp in regional and state courts. While the reasons for doing so vary, many feel that the similarities between hemp and marijuana have resulted in a negative perception of the CBD-rich flower.

Check your local or state laws before purchasing CBD flowers to ensure that hemp products are legal where you live. When you buy from Green Unicorn Farms, you receive lab reports and legal paperwork with your purchase that detail the THC content and legality of your product. You may want to hold onto the legal documents that are included in your shipment if you plan to smoke your flower in public areas.

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