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Timothy Bratz, One of the Most Influential Real Estate Professionals in the Country, Gives Insight into His Success

Timothy Bratz (ascend 39)

At only 23, Timothy Bratz started his real estate investment company during the greatest real estate recession in the country in 2007. He started investing in real estate by buying single-family homes and flipping them. With a lot of determination, he eventually scaled that to flip 80-100 houses per year and built one of the largest residential property management companies in Cleveland Ohio.

Along the way, he started investing in apartment buildings and quickly realized the majority of his wealth was being created through them while only spending a fraction of his time on it. He, therefore, decided to focus exclusively on acquiring and managing apartment buildings. By the time he was 35 years old, he had grown a portfolio of over 4,000 rental units ($400M+ portfolio value).

Besides a thriving real estate practice, Timothy also owns a commercial real estate investing coaching and consulting business. Always very active and intentional about sharing his journey on social media, many entrepreneurs began asking if he consulted or coached on how to grow an apartment portfolio. That's when his 2-day boot camp Commercial Empire was created.

Right on its heels were two mastermind groups. One is Legacy Boardroom which is a mastermind and board of directors for small business owners looking to grow their rental portfolio. The other is Legacy Family Mastermind which is a more intimate & highly selective group dedicated to helping 7-figure business owners scale to 8- and 9-figures. In coaching, mentoring, and leading others, Timothy Bratz fulfills his greatest passion. He believes by helping others see themselves as capable of achieving more, they accomplish more than they ever could on their own. That has opened up doors of opportunity for him and his company.

Many of their students have acquired hundreds and thousands of units over the past few years, creating a huge ripple effect of positivity in the world. Because of the positive impact they’ve made in many peoples' lives, it has come full circle, providing them with everything they could ever want. Making that kind of a difference has been rewarding for Timothy and his team.

Timothy launched his third business, a children's book series in 2020. It is called Little Legacy Library. The series is geared toward helping instill leadership principles and success philosophies into young kids. The books focus on topics like goal setting, developing influence, money management, and adopting a mindset of gratitude and positivity.

Starting when he did, obviously, Timothy was not an “overnight success”. Several factors contributed to his organic growth. Top on the list is resourcefulness. Bratz believes resourcefulness is the ultimate resource. Even when resources are hard to come by, a resourceful mindset will ensure one finds the resources.

Timothy has an experienced and outstanding team. In contrast to others in his industry with an old school mentality, his team is younger, more innovative, and energetic. They are also more tech-savvy resulting in unmatched social media influence and unparalleled marketing strategies. Most importantly, the team has a lot of emotional intelligence and problem-solving skills. They are constantly reflecting on what works or doesn’t and how they can do things better. This has resulted in better systems, processes, and automations that place them way ahead of the rest.

Bratz and his team over-deliver to their students, mentees, clients, tenants, contractors, and investors. By focusing on adding value to others, it comes full circle and lifts up their own business. To grow in any area of life, he urges people to find and join a mastermind group that will add value to their lives. The influence and resources of a group like that will help them grow in all areas of their life.

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