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The Vetaroo Brings Pet Care to Your Door

The Vets (ascend 10)

Constantly looking after the well-being of your furry friend can get pretty tiresome and expensive. The pandemic-related restrictions on traveling have also limited the number of routine visits to veterinary clinics. Sometimes, things might even become problematic when you are unable to diagnose the problem that is making your pet suffer. Luckily The Vets has stepped in to bring the most professional vets to your home.

Simplifying pet care is the mission of the fastest growing at home pet care company in the world. Realizing the urgency of the situation as the pandemic hit, The Vets expected a massive change in the way pet care services were offered. Besides the pandemic that made it dangerous to visit vet clinics, people also started adopting pets due to abundance of free time. Predicting the surge in demand for home pet care, the company tested its services in Miami.

The overwhelmingly positive response to this experiment encouraged them to expand their services to other cities, such as Tampa, Dallas, Vegas, and Portland. By the end of 2021, The Vets services will be available to four other cities, namely Houston, Austin, Chicago, and San Diego. This exponential growth earned more than $7 million in the seed round and now the company is scaling up for more success.

It was not easy for them to tap the market initially. One of the biggest challenges for the company was to build a professional team of vets. They had a huge setback in the recruitment process initially, but that was quickly rectified. The Vets knew that its team would be the foundation of the company. So it overcame the challenge by creating social media campaigns that utilized A/B tests. Social media campaigns helped them reach expert vets from all major cities they targeted. To accelerate the process, The Vets revised their incentive structure to make it the highest in the industry and the response was overwhelming.

With an experienced team of vets, the company is offering the highest quality medicine to pets while making pet care stress-free and relaxing for the owners. From offering diagnosis to treatment, The Vets is doing it all. In the near future, The Vets will launch a pet management application which will allow pet owners to access medical records from past appointments at any time, contact veterinarians and book at-home appointments.

The Vets has proved that pet care is more than just feeding healthy meals, keeping the pet clean, and giving a comfortable bed to sleep in. It is about the overall health and fitness of the furry member who might need professional care a few times. With this kind of dedication and impeccable service, The Vets is expected to become the largest Veterinary Home Pet Care Company in the U.S.

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