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The Inspiring Journey of Successful Businessman Samba Diagne

Samba Diagne (ascend 16)

Successful people are ordinary humans with extraordinary inspirations, determinations and passions. These people have a positive mindset regardless of the times they’ve failed in the past. They have overcome many obstacles and setbacks on their path to succeeding in life. Determination, passion, hard work, patience, and a never-give-up attitude are vital ingredients to have along your journey to success.

Samba Diagne, born and raised in Rouen, France, is one of the most successful network marketing professionals today. He has successfully risen to the highest ranks of the industry. To polish his marketing passion and career, he attended the University of Rouen, graduated with a DUT in Marketing Techniques, and then proceeded to Istanbul, Turkey for a BA in Economics and International Trade. Samba later returned to France and got an opening to work as Ranger Marketing & Sales in 2011.

A passionate marketer, Samba Diagne wasn’t content with the wages he got from his employment. This prompted him to begin his entrepreneurial journey to generate an extra income. Within four years, he had mastered the business intricacies. He became a manager in the door-to-door sales business. As a passionate investor, he took a risk and invested 32,000 euros. The investment unfortunately wasn’t successful, but Samba didn’t lose hope. He was determined to do anything within his reach to succeed. Things didn’t go well as expected, and by 2015, Samba had already incurred a debt of over 50,000 Euros.

With a humble character and zealous passion for hard work, the unyielding Samba remained focused on his goal and refused to bow down to the setback. He rose again, more determined and energized than ever before. In 2016, success started to knock on his network marketing business doors. He learned the networking business details and began to climb the ladder to success.

Samba Diagne shares that perseverance is a vital element for every entrepreneur, especially during the early stages of the business. He had to persevere through the many challenges that came across his path to prosperity. More so, Samba acknowledges the need to surround yourself with the right people to offer you optimal support to achieve your success.

Currently living in Dubai, Diagne serves as a network marketer, investor, coach, and global speaker. He is a great inspiration to many young investors and entrepreneurs who look up to him as their mentor. Samba is among the most successful network marketers with global relations. By the end of 2019, he had accumulated more than 20,000 active members in his network marketing business and counting. He has travelled worldwide for workshops, meetings, and seminars. He has also graced two significant events in Paris, attracting over 5,000 people. His passion is to help other people unlock their potential and become the better version of themselves.

Samba is on a mission to help other people triumph in their businesses as they unlock their full potential and attain their dreams. He believes that with a positive mentality, you can scale the heights and reach your goals despite the many roadblocks along the way. Samba’s greatest dream is to have a global impact on a billion lives by 2030. He is currently planning to launch a new company, Balance, a platform he believes will significantly help him realize his dream.

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