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Actor and Social Media Star Tayson Madkour Shares the Challenges and Wisdom He Gained On His Journey to Success

Tayson Madkour (ascend 24)

The journey from auditions to an award-winning top-rated actor is a long and challenging one. Actor and social media star Tayson Madkour is headed there. This young actor is known for his roles in the mini-series “Rooney’s Last Roll” (2020), the web series “Chicken Girls” (2017), and the film Sissy Sheridan: Who Me? (2020).

Tayson is currently focusing on acting and social media campaigns. He’s been doing this for over five years and has met countless fans and toured different states. Tayson is currently one of the biggest upcoming actors out of Seattle, Washington. He has truly made a name for himself, considering the challenges he had to deal with. Learn more about actor Tayson Madkour.

He was bullied in school by envious, egotistical classmates for letting his talent shine. Nevertheless, Tayson is focusing on growing his talent, and people are listening and supporting him now. He has appeared in a few shows for now but is still nurturing his talent. Tayson plans to pursue acting for the rest of his life because it brings him peace and joy. He hopes to become an international actor soon.

Despite his young age, Tayson has had some impressive achievements. He has gone on two massive social media tours, the 2019 Lights Out and Boys of Summer tours. He has also played the leading role in “Chicken Girls” and “Rooney’s Last Roll.”

Tayson admits facing bullying and hearing rude comments from people has been the most difficult part of the job. People doubted him because he was doing something different, which is not easy. What helped him overcome this challenge was realizing that people will always have their opinions, no matter what.

For instance, his fellow students thought that Tayson's decision to become an actor was farfetched and that he would never succeed. However, he felt that he was doing something he loved and would like to pursue as a career.

This is why Tayson’s biggest piece of advice is that if you want to succeed, you shouldn’t care about the opinions of others but continue to better yourself. Attaining your goals is the best way to prove them wrong. Stay strong and focused; it will help you grow. Use the negative comments you receive as motivation and stay persistent. If you focus on your dream, you can achieve anything you want.

Tayson’s dream is to work with favorite actors and role models who have inspired him. They include actors like Pete Davidson and Mark Wahlberg. Working with them in a film would be a dream come true for Tayson. It may not happen as quickly as he would like, but he promises to continue honing his acting skills to make his dreams a reality.

Actor Tayson Madkour is a young, ambitious man with a bright future. He has the potential to join the ranks of other acting superstars. All he needs is to keep on improving his skills and working on new projects. He has achieved a lot for a young man of his age.

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