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Social Summit Founder Jack Zuckowsky on His Non-Traditional Style of Creating Social Media Content

Jack Zuckowsky (ascend 17)

Now one of the most important aspects of both new and established businesses alike, a social media presence can make or break a company's future. For some individuals and smaller companies, it can be difficult to devote time and money to create a strong social media presence while simultaneously focusing on the main aspect of their business. Recognizing this, Jack Zuckowsky and his digital advertising agency Social Summit stepped in to offer their services and help these businesses out. At only 22 years old, Zuckowsky is operating at a level in his respective field you would expect from a much older entrepreneur.

Zuckowsky realized his penchant for social media platforms at a very early age. In his early teens, he was already behind the boards of a few highly successful meme pages that were attracting a great number of views daily. Eventually, Zuckowsky was receiving buyout offers for his Instagram pages from established companies. By 16 years old, he was commanding the attention of millions of followers across his Instagram pages and was also turning heads among established social media executives. SDA Media was the first agency to reach out and enlist Zuckowsky's work. From there, he was able to take the knowledge he gathered on his own, combined with what he learned at SDA, and open his own business, Social Summit.

"I haven't learned from my successes," Zuckowsky remarks, "but my failures." In his eyes, failure isn't a losing experience but a learning experience, and he advises all entrepreneurs to view failure in the same way. Over the years at Social Summit thus far, clients have had career-changing experiences with the help of Zuckowsky and his team. For Social Summit, years of learning from their failures and success have made it easier for them to help their clients to avoid potential problems in the first place.

Even if you don't recognize Zuckowsky's name right now, you will definitely recognize the accounts he is responsible for bringing to fame. Accounts like @savagecomedy and @bestvideos were all started by Zuckowsky, and he eventually sold them out to their respective buyers. Establishing himself in this fashion is what drew the eyes of executives and potential clients alike to Zuckowsky and Social Summit.

Looking forward with a professional and entrepreneurial lens, Zuckowsky aims to find ways to grow Social Summit and ways to find personal growth as well. Reinvestment is the key for Zuckowsky. In any way he can, Zuckowsky aims to take his success, and rather than flaunt or relish in them, he aims to repurpose his success into new goals. It is this mindset that is guiding Social Summit to the top of the digital marketing world.

As an established entrepreneur, Zuckowsky prides himself on his unconventional and organic social media strategies and customer service. Avoiding traditional strategies like giveaways and contests to gain followers, Zuckowsky takes time to establish a relationship with his clients, learn how to create content specific to them and their personalities, and then create a plan with personalized information. It is this dedication to his craft and his clients that has propelled Zuckowsky and Social Summit to the level of success they are at today.

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