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From Handbag Designer to International Lifestyle Influencer: How Sobia A. Shaikh is Shaking Up The Fashion Industry

Sobia A. Shaikh (ascend 21)

Influencers can be found in any niche that you can think of. They attempt to inspire different audiences by creating content about their day-to-day lives. However, there are notable areas where they can create a massive impact on consumer choices. Lifestyle is one of the leading fields that influencers can cause a shakeup because they are widely known for their personality, talent and taste for all things beautiful.

Sobia A. Shaikh is a classy designer who has a unique taste in style. She is also a social media manager, digital content creator, and brand representative, which she promotes to her loyal fans.

Sobia started her fashion journey while living in her native city of Karachi, Pakistan. After graduating with a degree in Fine Arts and Advertising, she worked at Young & Rubicam, an advertising agency, for six years and modeled on runways.

In 1997, Sobia moved to San Francisco with her family and started her fashion career. She launched a custom clothing line, “Rhung”, inspired by her Pakistani heritage. Sobia also launched a designer handbag line, ISLY Handbags, a name derived from the two first letters of her children’s names, Isaad and Lyali. Sobia used her Pakistan weekly textile market experiences to promote ISLY Handbags to bring her homeland culture to San Francisco. Her handbags have been featured in publications, such as The New York Times, InStyle, People, C Magazine, PopSugar, SFGATE, and others.

After seven years, she closed her handbag business and decided to concentrate on caring for her young family. Sobia invested most of her time in her Instagram account, sharing news and information about lifestyle with her followers. It was also during this time that her lifestyle and fashion blog, www.shaikhenandstirred.com, was born.

Sobia grew up enjoying James Bond films, and loved 007’s catchphrase, “Shaken, Not Stirred” as his preferred preparation for martinis. It is from this phrase that she derived her blog name, Shaikhen and Stirred. Through this platform, Sobia is shaking and shaping the fashion industry around the world by showcasing lifestyle, events, fashion, decor, travel, beauty, and other aesthetically pleasing ideologies.

Sobia is a 51-year-old lifestyle influencer who runs her own social media marketing business. Being an open person who speaks her mind, Sobia loves sharing information about her lifestyle, beauty treatments, such as Botox, fillers, laser, and cool tone treatments with her followers. She takes time to engage her followers who strongly believe in her opinions.

Today, Sobia is an accomplished digital content creator and lifestyle influencer, having had comprehensive modeling, advertising, and fashion entrepreneur careers. Her mastery of bringing unique perspectives when partnering with brands has resulted in several successes. These include working with Valentino’s American Dairy Campaign, the Qatar Airways launch, and The Pink Pineapple for Del Monte. In addition, Sobia is among the few influencers to introduce Lash Blast Mascara by CoverGirl. She is also a Net-A-Porter ambassador and frequently appears in Paris Fashion Week.

“I’m not competing with anyone or making any statements. And I certainly did not start my blog as a means to start a business. But, it has somehow become a very successful and joyful business, and I’m thoroughly enjoying this journey”, Sobia concludes.

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