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Simon Kallu: Why Having A Vision Is Key To Success

Simon Kallu (ascend 23)

“The first step to success is establishing your purpose and making it so clear and vivid that you never question why you are doing what you are doing.”

These are the words of Simon Kallu, the innovative Chartered Accountant. He started GrowFactor in 2011 and turned it into a £3 million business over the next ten years using a combination of hard work, strategic planning, and, above all, vision.

Clear Aims Breed Decisive Action

At the beginning of his financial career in the high-end corporate sector, Simon felt disconnected and unfulfilled. He spent five years observing processes and work culture he disliked, and eventually, he grew tired of these environments.

In search of a change, the chartered accountant began exploring different ways of delivering financial support. First, he reached out to clients and asked them about their primary values and needs. He then considered what he wanted to achieve personally and combined these factors to create his vision.

“My ultimate goal is to help those that help others so I can change lives in the process,” said Simon. “It’s so rewarding to help experts master their finances and see their profit, cash, and growth improve as a result.”

The result of Simon’s soul-searching was GrowFactor - a business that reflected his stated aim of helping others achieve their ambitions. He realizes accountancy is a common pain point for entrepreneurs, so he takes the stress out of it for them by analyzing their companies and providing them with practical advice that enables them to take control of their finances.

Consequently, Simon’s clients typically triple their cash flow after applying his firm’s advice. This is a prime example of a situation when the clear thinking of an individual has led to success. His single-mindedness and determination to deliver on his promises have enabled him to scale his business to the point where he can live the life he wants.

Big Dreams Lead To Big Results

Walt Disney once said: “If you can dream it, you can do it,” a mindset that Simon firmly ascribes to. When he formulated his desired outcome, Simon dreamt big, and he tells his clients to do the same in his ten-week course, The Profit Game. He believes an ultimate vision does not have to be practical. He encourages entrepreneurs to be wildly ambitious because, in his view, massive goals can lead to enormous progress.

Simon’s vision has enabled him to plot a roadmap for success, a journey with clearly defined targets that take him closer to his end goal. He believes having a sharply defined purpose for the future increases motivation and ensures proactivity as every action contributes to a larger plan. In his coaching sessions, he encourages clients to write a daily journal to establish their ultimate vision of what success looks like on their terms.

Whether you want your company to become a household name or reach 20 million in sales, Simon recommends putting it down in writing. This can then be used as a reference point for all short-term objectives. The chartered accountant suggests writing a list of weekly outcomes you wish to achieve and reviewing how these outcomes relate to your overall vision for success. He also advises breaking down your business into sub-categories and establishing a plan for each area, always linking these desired outcomes back to the end goal.

Positive Thinking Is Powerful

Simon believes that regularly telling your subconscious what you want to achieve empowers you to figure out how to do it. His ultimate vision of positively impacting his clients while enjoying financial stability and time with his family has been made manifest for the father of two. His thriving business has empowered thousands of wellness experts, and he has set it up to run so smoothly that he can work for fewer than 20 hours each week. This entrepreneur’s ultimate vision has become his reality.

“An ultimate vision creates a drive and commitment to do whatever it takes,” Simon explains. “When you are fully committed to a goal, you will put everything into achieving the desired result. Then, you’ll take specific action each day that moves you closer to the goal, rather than maintaining the status quo.”

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