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Samantha McGregor Empowers Women Through Email Marketing

Samantha McGregor (ascend 27)

Email marketing expert and digital strategist, Samantha McGregor, has a strong background in marketing technology, customer success, and software as a service (SAAS). In 2019, she launched her own consultancy while discovering her passion for bringing strategies from large businesses to small business entrepreneurs. Samantha’s concentration is female eCommerce to help women of color and minorities in their businesses.

The decision to build her own consultancy was due to Samantha’s former CEO, Wojciech Gryc’s encouragement. She was amazed by the humble personality of her former boss, who also showed respect to everyone in their organization. Additionally, Samantha got her passion for philanthropy from Gryc, as she greatly relates to his desire to make a change in the world.

Ever since building her own consultancy, Samantha has attracted clients from all over the world, seeking her help in running their business. Most of her clients are struggling with the management aspect of their businesses, particularly with gaining revenue. She makes sure these clients won’t remain disheartened, frustrated, and fearful about making critical mistakes and poor decisions.

Samantha’s ultimate goal is to get her clients to a certain point where they feel the same excitement they had when they just started their business. She wants to boost every business woman's confidence and inspire them to make an impact in another person’s life in the process. Samantha believes in helping people, and one could only earn success if they think more of other people’s welfare and not just their own.

Most of Samantha’s clients concentrate only on their social media accounts in marketing their business. With this fact, she wants them to realize the potential of email marketing in scaling up their business. Most of her clients are missing out on the possible opportunities of email marketing, but they don’t know how to maximize it. This is where she does her magic as she works intently with clients to achieve success.

What’s amazing about Samantha’s job is she gets to do it from the comfort of her home in Toronto, Canada. Without going to and fro, she’s able to work with clients from all parts of the globe. Her amazing ability in simplifying complicated information and processes is what her clients greatly appreciate about her. Samantha looks at digital strategy as a puzzle to solve, where she involves her clients in putting the pieces together.

When she began her entrepreneurial journey, Samantha experienced numerous difficulties before slowly gaining success. Ultimately, she found the resources she needed as well as things she feels passionate about. This passion is about mentoring people, especially female entrepreneurs like herself, and empowering them to conquer great heights and find success.

Samantha finds her greatest joy in seeing female entrepreneurs become bold and empowered by their decisions to stand on their own. She was able to do this herself after feeling hopeless and discouraged and she finds joy in helping other women do the same. Samantha has a great vision for the future of her consultancy, and she plans to continue to give back to her community.

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