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Business Performance Coach Sabastian Enges Helps Clients Unlock Their Ideal Selves

Sabastian Enges (ascend 18)

You will hear about unlocking your ideal self and how crucial it is to your success countless times. But what really is your perfect self, or rather, how do you unlock it? Sebastian Enges, a biohacker helping clients unlock their ideal selves, can take you through what you need to know about becoming your ideal self.

Currently, he is the CEO of Fenix Consulting Group, a nationwide sales organization helping clients in customer acquisition and increasing their market share. Sebastian also doubles as a business performance coach and entrepreneur. From raising $8.5M for start-ups at age 21, making his first million at 25, to generating $500M in sales within the last six months in PPE, Sabastian is focused on quality and customer satisfaction.

When people picture their ideal self, what often pops up is someone strong, ambitious, and a go-getter who knows no limits in achieving their dreams. No doubt this is someone almost everyone wants to be. “To unlock your ideal self, you must first identify your interests, passions, and values,” notes Sabastian, “This helps you establish your goals and purpose in life.”

Here are some pro tips on how to unlock your ideal self by performance coach Sabastian Enges:

  • Let go of your limiting beliefs.

    It may be your inner critic or other people’s opinions, but Sabastian stresses the importance of letting go and not paying attention to that. Self-doubt is the enemy of progress. Once you start doubting yourself, the negative opinions of others will also bring you down. Understand your strength. According to Sabastian, weaknesses and limits equally help you gain the courage to explore beyond your limitations and even unlock your full potential.

  • Water your fears.

    Everyone has fears in life; however, how you deal with those fears is important. For instance, a large number of us have a fear of failure. Sabastian notes that while failure is perceived negatively, there are lessons to be learned through it. The important thing is the courage to move on after you fail.

    In addition to this, Sabastian’s advice is to know your fears to effectively learn ways to tame them.

  • Develop a growth mindset.

    “The only way to change your future is through what you do right now,” says Sabastian. Achieving the goals you set does not mean you have reached the end. Set new goals and work towards achieving them. In regards to this, Sabastian emphasizes not dwelling on the past but the present and future. In his words, “Stay focused on what you are doing today but not what happened in the past.”

  • Be ambitious.

    Set goals that are not unachievable or unreasonable. The definition of your ideal self today may differ from that in the coming years. Each person is also working to achieve a better version of themselves. Sabastian notes the best way to go about this is to set reasonable goals and work towards attaining them one step at a time.

In conclusion, by unlocking your ideal self, you’ll also unlock so many opportunities. Considering the above points, it is clear that unlocking your ideal self is an important thing to do!

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