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How Model Rosiane Maia Became a Health Expert Transforming Lives for the Better

Rosiane Maia (ascend 21)

As a career, modeling is often connected with designer clothes, branded accessories, and posh parties. The amount of hard work that goes into all those glamorous appearances often goes unnoticed. Models are sometimes judged by their looks and are also deprived of the respect and recognition their job deserves. It is not everyone's cup of tea to camouflage their emotions and put their best face forward all day to look stunning. This is where the famous model Rosiane Maia felt her abilities and talent needed to be channeled into something more people could recognize. Graduating with a master's degree in occupational therapy and as a certified kinesiologist, Rosiane started changing many people’s lives.

She stepped into the modeling industry in the early 2000s through the renowned Photo Vogue Italia. Young Rosiane was brimming with energy when she came to know about Photo Vogue Italia from her father, a professional photographer. He had a passion for photography since his teens and developed an outstanding sense of visual aesthetics. Rosiane was ready to take on the challenge of being accepted by the editors of Photo Vogue Italia and launch her career as a model. What followed was a series of photoshoots across stunning natural locations.

Rosiane and her father worked hard to present their best in every frame, conveying a story. With no prior experience in modeling, it was difficult for Rosiane to ignore the noise in her surroundings and focus on the camera. She learned to master the technique and pose like a professional model with time, presenting her best from head to toe. The much-coveted platform recognized their hard work and officially marked the beginning of Rosiane’s career in the modeling industry.

Rosiane traveled to many exotic locations across the world like Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, and Iceland for her professional photoshoots. She aced environmental photography as a model and even won a bikini modeling photoshoot by Teeny Bikinis. Her career was at its peak when she realized how underrated models and their efforts were. Society judges models based on their appearance and what they wear, not by their talent. Determined to change this scenario in her life and become respected for who she is and her real talent, she decided to help people transform their lives.

As a professional occupational therapist and kinesiologist, Rosiane earned recognition for her pocketable arts and crafts project that facilitated functional performance as part of daily life. Her project also received recognition at the TOTA Mountain Central Conference in Richardson, Texas. This was when her abilities and skills were appreciated, and she earned respect for her compassionate heart.

Rosiane is grateful to her family and friends for their love and support that helped her accomplish her goals. Rosiane's family has been her biggest strength in overcoming many challenges in her career. From her first steps into the modeling industry to balancing her career as a model and health practitioner, Rosiane has been fortunate to have her loved ones beside her helping her in any way possible to face the world with her chin up.

Going forward, Rosiane wants to continue her journey as an occupational therapist. The profession has given her the much-needed satisfaction of serving humankind by transforming lives for the better.

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