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Rob Sargsyan Has Made An Incredible Name For Himself and His Brand "FacesByRob" In The Makeup Industry...

Rob Sargsyan (ascend 25)

In the modern world today every person wants to look beautiful and attractive. When attending weddings or social functions, people's tendency towards make-up artists often increases. Where the ordinary person sometimes feels the need for a makeup artist, most celebrities constantly look for a professional makeup artist to look glamorous this is where the name of a famous make-up artist like Rob Sargsyan comes to the fore, who makes his mark with his skill and hard work. Rob Sargsyan's brand, FacesByRob Cosmetics, has achieved international success in the makeup world thanks to its signature RobGlow look. In addition, he has been the makeup artist of notable celebrities such as Kim Kardashian, Mel B, Ashley Graham, and Rachel Roy. Rob Sargsyan has made an incredible name for himself and his brand in the makeup industry.

  • Rob Sargsyan's journey in the world of makeup began when he was just seven years old. Since childhood, he has shown his ability and skill in creating makeup styles. With the support of his family, Rob Sargsyan embarked on his journey to becoming one of the most extraordinary talents in the makeup industry. Taking his passion and skills forward, he launched his own brand internationally called FacesByRob Cosmetics, which has come as a boon for people with simple looks. His signature RobGlow look is such that it combines both natural beauty and charm. Rob Sargsyan's trendy brand FacesByRob Cosmetics has also attracted the attention of renowned fashion brands like Sephora, Dose of Colors and Guess. In addition, Rob Sargsyan has worked on America's Got Talent inspired by the overwhelmingly positive response to his RobGlow look he launched a makeup palette called The Robglow look. Under the leadership of Rob Sargsyan, FacesByRob Cosmetics will see more success in the coming future. Rob Sargsyan will
  • surely rule the makeup world.
  • In addition to working with and for celebrities, Rob Sargsyan has also made an impact on the wedding makeup industry. Most of Rob Sargsyan's clients are based in Los Angeles, but his great work has spread to other cities and states as well. Rob Sargsyan has focused on highlighting the natural beauty of his clients in the

ir makeup, his signature RobGlow look has been demanded by thousands. Rob Sargsyan and the rest of the FacesByRob cosmetics team need to keep up with the changing trends in the makeup industry. For this reason, they continue to Innovate technologies to satisfy their customers, whom they all consider equally worthy.

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