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“Overcoming Poverty Is More than Financial, it’s a Mental and Spiritual Shift,” Says ‘Digital Real Estate’ Expert Brother Dr. Ben X AKA Benquan Petty

Dr Ben (ascend 45)

“Everything that goes wrong should make you 10x more dangerous in the future. What you were naïve about, you’ll be A1 in the future. I dropped out of college, but I still pay for lessons.” This tweet from Brother Ben aptly summarizes who he is, what he does, and his vision for the future. Now in his late twenties, Brother Dr. Ben X is a lifestyle entrepreneur, social media influencer, author, and YouTuber. He is also a staunch member of the Nation of Islam.

When still in college, a friend inadvertently introduced him to the YouTube teachings of the Honorable Louis Farrakhan during a study group class. The Minister’s teachings resonated deeply with him and, before long, Brother Dr. Ben X was hooked. He joined Islam and, overnight, Benquan Petty became Brother Ben X. One day, he heard the Minister explain why being in debt is slavery. And yet, Brother Ben X was headed to a life of debt because he didn’t get the basketball scholarship he’d been hoping for.

Besides that, the college experience was not turning out to be what he’d expected. He’d enrolled in mass communications, but YouTube tutorials were proving to be more effective than attending film and broadcast lectures. Mastering videography didn’t need a college degree after all. Unwilling to end up knee-deep in student loans and no longer feeling passionate about basketball, Brother Dr. Ben X decided to quit college. It was time for him to redefine and pursue his idea of success.

Leaving a defined path was not easy. He did odd jobs here and there and perfected his videography skills in his free time. All the while, he was putting the lessons he learned from the Minister to good use. He chose to spend most of his money on things he’d need in his future work instead of personal items. Before long, he bought enough cameras and tripods. He also invested in courses that showed him how others were doing it and succeeding. As a result, when he finally quit his job, he was fully equipped for what he had to do.

Full of desire to succeed and determination, he fully immersed himself in the world of self-employment and has not looked back since. Today, Brother Dr. Ben X boasts over 1M followers and subscribers and 500M views on different social platforms. He runs his YouTube channel, BBX News, where he posts 1–3 videos every day. Additionally, he hosts his Brother Ben X Podcast weekly. Jointly, his social media platforms have enabled him to build a 8-figure online business. That means he has the freedom to do what he wants when he wants.

On top of being a social media guru, Brother Dr. Ben X is also a formidable businessman. Currently, he acts as the chairperson of educational company Assets Before Splurging. The company teaches students how to build, grow, and expand their businesses without depending on the bank. Primarily, they target underrepresented people and provide them with practical business solutions.

ABS offers books, courses, and consultation services. Their best-selling course is the Digital Real Estate Course, which teaches brick-and-mortar businesses how to expand into the online space. It also teaches new entrepreneurs how to build their online presence, start their own online business, and sell their products efficiently.

ABS’s current focus is aligning with the right individuals to be able to give more in more areas. Presently, they are doing that with Bridging Wealth Opportunities (B.W.O.). Brother Dr. Ben X, ABS co-chairman Dr. Jake Tayler Jacobs, and two other millionaire partners have come together with B.W.O to offer a complete solution to poverty.

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