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Natalia Elenkina's Advice to Young Models on What to Expect from the Modeling Industry

Natalia Elenkina Advice to Models (ascend 4)

Thousands of girls these days post their photos on Instagram in the hope of getting lots of likes. Many who don't have money to go to modeling classes but know different posing techniques hope that some photographer or brand finds their photos attractive and approaches them with a modeling contract.

For many, these far-fetched dreams may come true if they are lucky enough. But it's not all about luck, as evidenced by the story of Natalia Elenkina. She believes that everyone has an equal opportunity to become a model through Instagram as their primary platform.

Getting a modeling contract is a big deal for many. One project can lead to many more in the future. Natalia landed her first modeling gig through Instagram. Her photos became viral, and a few brands approached her with their contracts. Natalia's life changed within a few weeks. She is now an inspiration for young girls who want to become models in the future.

Natalia has a few words of wisdom for aspiring models who want to pursue a career in this industry.

1. Expect the unexpected

"First of all, there is no fixed schedule in this industry. You cannot expect to be in the same city for a long period. For example, I once had a shoot in Paris one week. It was for a cosmetic brand. The following week, I was flying to San Francisco! The jet lag, the exhaustion, the busy schedules – these are parts of your job, and you must get used to it as soon as possible if you want to flourish. Otherwise, there are lots of competitors out there waiting to take your place."

2. Don't conform to conventional beauty norms

The fashion industry is changing. It is slowly diversifying its views towards models from being slim and skimpy to having a unique look. According to Natalia, "It's the charm that matters. Previously, the modeling industry was obsessed with zero-figure girls. I hated it. I always felt that it wasn't giving equal opportunities to everyone to be a part of this industry.

Fortunately, things are slightly different now. Modeling agencies are looking for various types of people to showcase their products. The global uprising in favor of equality for women and people of cast, color, and creed made this huge difference. Therefore, you don't need to worry if you have a gap between your front teeth or if you are not as slim as your friends in your group. You still have a chance."

3. Be photographer-ready

The paparazzi will be around almost 24/7. You can't help it. And that only means one thing – they will keep taking photos even if you are not shooting. "It's flattering and a little irritating at the same time. You have to understand that it's due to the photos that you are making a living. But how you live life in front and behind the camera is up to you. So, therefore, you have to be ready all the time until you reach home."

Natalia's success gives hope to thousands of girls who want to be models. Her story shows that anything is possible as long as you put in the time and effort instead of simply relying on luck.

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