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Mortgage and Real Estate Leader Neel Dhingra Is Reinvigorating the Industry Through Digital Marketing

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Mortgage banker and real estate investor Neel Dhingra has been in the industry for over 15 years, managing a team based in Nevada. He saw how the rapidly growing digital content space was being ignored by large firms and marketing departments and felt the need to maximize its use. Neel became a strong advocate for consumer education on financial services, so he began creating relevant content.

In just three years, Neel grew his mortgage business by over 1,000% using multiple digital and content marketing platforms. This milestone gave him recognition as a Top Video Influencer a few years ago by software providers Tom Ferry and BombBomb. Neel’s early success gave him the chance to work alongside some of the biggest names in the industry and speak at major events and conferences.

Neel is a father of three and tries to balance managing his growing company and spending quality time with his family. What’s great about him is he doesn’t consider these as hurdles or obstacles in succeeding in both endeavors, which he considers of equal importance. Neel is a passionate learner and worker, and he loves connecting and learning from others who have built successful businesses.

To help others learn how to grow money, Neel has been educating people about the opportunities through homeownership in growing their net worth. Understanding the important concepts regarding real estate and the mortgage business is one problem the average person encounters, so he focuses on these things. Neel believes the mortgage business is an excellent way to help people learn and earn.

After spending almost 15 years in the industry, Neel felt exhausted with how most corporations and individuals communicate with public consumers. He thought those approaches were too transactional, and most sales marketing activities were ineffective. Neel started learning about personal branding and marketing, and once he mastered these skills, his approach to his business life changed completely.

Through his company, Forward Academy, Neel is able to make a big impact and help other businesses through new approaches in marketing. With his desire to educate more people about the impact of social media and digital marketing, he has so far worked with thousands of clients. Neel is a self-confessed introvert who incredibly overcame this part of his personality to speak on stage and through online communications.

Neel has always stressed the value and advantages of social media and online content in leveraging his clients’ businesses. He shares valuable insights about financial literacy and what digital marketing can do for businesses through his social media pages, namely Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram. There are limitless opportunities that digital marketing offers, so he’s aggressive in advocating for financial awareness and knowledge.

Neel’s best advice for aspiring business owners and other individuals is to surround yourself with positive people who have already made a name for themselves. Making learning a constant habit is vital in achieving success. People can check out Neel’s website to learn more about how he and his company can benefit their clients’ businesses.

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