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How Hard Work and a Positive Mindset Helped Miguel Lopes Go From Poverty to Luxury

Miguel Lopes (ascend 22)

Mindset is an important factor in success. While achieving success is a goal for many people, what separates the best from the rest is greatly influenced by their mindset and hard work.

Miguel Lopes is a successful investor who chose to be uncommon among the common and change his mindset. Born in Portugal, Miguel is a top investor and trader who, despite coming from poverty, is now living in luxury.

Growing up in a not-so-well-off family, Miguel craved financial stability. He recalls seeing his family constantly struggle to make ends meet and being unable to afford certain necessities in life. Motivated to live a life of financial freedom, Miguel ventured into trading. While it was not always a smooth journey, the result was extremely rewarding.

“A positive mindset is essential in trading and business growth,” says Miguel. “Unless you believe in your value and what you have to offer, the rest will also have a reason not to believe in you and your work.”

While everyone has access to information, only a few have access to the right information. When Miguel started his journey into trading, he recalls the lack of proper information at his disposal. According to Miguel, “Of all the information available on the internet on financial markets and trading, almost 99% is misleading, making the correct information around 1%. However, finding that 1% is pretty hard.”

As the go-getter he is, this did not hold him back. In fact, it motivated him to go at it even harder. In his words, he had found another reason to make it and become a success story. He wanted to help other traders find their way and not waste as much time searching for information as he did. “Time is money,” says Miguel, “and as such, you should learn to make every second count.” Miguel now educates and mentors fellow traders and startups on tips and strategies to succeed in the market. “Our mission as a company is to teach our clients how to fish for themselves rather than giving them the fish directly. That way, they will never need us again,” says Miguel.

What most often runs through an investor’s mind is how to maximize profit and minimize losses. In regards to this, being up to date with market trends is critical. Miguel notes there are days where one will incur huge losses and some profits. Having a growth mindset will help people make investments based not on emotions but skills and market knowledge. Additionally, Miguel learned the value of investing in the future. While some may argue that the future is uncertain, Miguel has learned the art of letting his money work for him.

“No one is born a great leader,” says Miguel, “However, one can become a great leader through learning.” The same applies to success. It doesn’t matter where anyone comes from; nothing is impossible if they have a clear goal and a determined spirit. Even so, he stresses the importance of having a positive mindset and being a hard worker.

When asked about his next project, Miguel says he and his team are developing an affiliate system that will enable others to earn money by reselling their services.

Miguel is always looking to help others with the help of his financial market courses and mentorship. Determined to grow his empire, Miguel Lopes soldiers on.

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