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Michael Drager Is Creating a Legacy Through Draco Enterprises

Michael Drager (ascend 37)

Every business owner’s goal is to succeed in their business and climb up the social ladder by solidifying their business and success. With every kind of business facing a lot of tough competition every single day with new incumbents, it has become rather challenging for more business people to consistently perform well. Nevertheless, there are people like Michael Drager who make sure they do things differently to stand out and strive for longevity.

Also known as Draco, Michael Drager chose the adult entertainment industry for doing business. He laid the foundation for his career in the industry through engaging in adult entertainment projects and mainstream modeling. After a successful career in modeling, he started his own modeling agency with the hopes of helping other models achieve their dreams of making it big in the modeling industry and becoming famous.

Michael named the company he built Draco Enterprises, derived from his nickname with the vision to bring in high-end models into the business. For most people, starting a brand despite being a young model may seem too ambitious. But for Michael, this is a very exciting challenge. While he is still growing in the industry, he wants to identify himself with other model’s journeys as they too are constantly working and improving.

Michael’s grandfather had a huge impact on Michael’s passion for being involved in the entertainment industry. When he was growing up, Michael was exposed to a lot of entertainment. His grandfather owned and managed a luxurious gentlemen’s club which opened his eyes to the amazing opportunities in the entertainment business.

Not only did his grandfather’s business amaze Michael, but it also inspired him to someday build his own business. He wants to go above and beyond when compared to his grandfather and accomplish more in his lifetime. This gentlemen’s club owned by his grandfather was very successful and enabled the Drager household to live a comfortable life. Michael wanted to follow in the footsteps of his grandfather.

Draco Enterprises was Michael’s passion project as he poured his entire heart and soul into the endeavor. He was still climbing the ladder to superstardom which makes everything more meaningful and exciting. He used his excellent management skills and solid marketing strategies to bring success for his campaigns.

Michael always had a keen eye for the latest fashion trends and strong personalities that match modeling trends. These are some skills he used to invite supporters and followers for his project and they proved to be effective. His sincere desire to engage fans and ensure the success of every single one of his models became the key to sustaining his company’s success.

As he is someone who’s driven to do more and be more, Michael is also exploring the possibility of building his own production company. Seen in his Instagram posts are his immense potential in capturing amazing shots and the models he works with. He is planning an expansion to mainstream entertainment in the future which will give him more exposure and a lot more opportunities to be successful.

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