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Merian Odesho on Ways to Repair Damaged Curly Hair

Merian Odesho (ascend 11)

Damaged hair is a menace. Between split ends, frizz, and thinning, it can get quite frustrating to figure out what to do about damaged hair. When it’s curly hair that just won’t curl right, your first instinct might be to reach for a pair of scissors or give up altogether. Before you do, Merian Odesho says there are a few steps you can take to help repair your hair and revive it to its bouncy and shiny glory.

Merian Odesho grew up being taught by her mother and grandmother, who both sourced natural ingredients that they used on their hair. Seeing this, she developed an interest in hair care products and growing healthy curly hair. She is now the CEO and founder of Bounce Curl, a brand dedicated to providing cruelty-free products to nourish your hair and enhance its look.

Her background in science has helped her become very knowledgeable about hair products. Before trying to fix any hair problem, Merian recommends first identifying the cause of the damage.

There are so many ways to tell if your hair is damaged. According to Merian, if your hair is frizzy, falling out, thinning in some parts or not curling right, something is amiss. The good news is that you can repair your hair. In Merian’s experience, you don’t necessarily need to chop off your hair to do away with damaged hair.

Here are three Merian Odesho approved ways you can heal your hair:

  • Start by eliminating the cause of damage

While you can’t get rid of bad weather, you can protect your hair from damage by weather conditions. By examining your hair routine, you can spot the source of damage and work to eliminate it. Merian notes for dry and frizzy hair that is shedding, use a bit of moisturizer to keep the strands healthy and curly.

Damage caused by heat, chemicals, and colouring means that you need to do away with these practices completely. Merian notes practising natural ways of caring for your hair will help restore your hair.

  • Deep conditioning

Damage disrupts your hair’s natural ability to spring back to life after washing. This then leads to stringy ends, imperfect curls, and frizz that can stay with you long after you’ve eliminated the cause of the damage. In this case, Merian recommends deep conditioning to set your natural curls back on course.

Merian says that a good deep conditioner will help hydrate and fortify your hair with nutrients to kick-start the repair process.

  • Protect your curls

Your hair should be handled with care, especially when it’s damaged because the strands are in a fragile state. Merian urges people to take their time and slowly detangle their hair. To avoid further damage, Merian advises tackling stubborn knots while your hair is wet. This reduces breakage.

Giving your hair a break is also a great way to help your hair start to heal. Protect your curls and let them run wild, with no product, no styling, and just let it air dry. Remember to protect your hair while you sleep to shield it from further damage from friction.

Merian is all for second and third chances when it comes to hair care. Healthy curls take time, and you should trust the process. Merian says that hair care is a journey that she’s happy to walk with you. Start now and trust the process to achieve healthy curls.

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