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Meet PJ Matlock, who has raised the bar by displaying his exceptional trading skills

Meet PJ Matlock (ascend 8)

From trading to mentoring, Matlock has excelled in his trading career showing an upward graph.

Trading is no child's play as there's a risk of losing the entire trading funds if not adhered to proper rules. If done the right way, the sky is the limit. Knowing about market trends and gradually mastering the art takes time and focus, but the results that come in are phenomenal. People are ready to plunge into the deep sea of stock trading without learning about it in detail and that ultimately boomerangs making their world upside down in the form of huge losses. There's a huge amount of risk involved in trading stocks but if the right strategies are applied, there could be no stopping and success can be yours for sure. There are a few brilliant traders in the field of stock trading who have done wonders in their careers as a trader and amongst them is a young man who started with a small trading fund and grew it manifold touching up to seven million within a few months. He is Perry Matlock popularly known as PJ Matlock.

Matlock along with a few friends has created a stock trading chat room named 'Atlas Trading', which provides educational content contributed by seasoned traders for free. He aims to build a community of traders and enhance their knowledge through learning and training. 'Atlas Trading' has a huge 150,000 plus member list which is growing by the day. His skills and expertise in trading have got him tremendous success in a very short span of time. It would sound unbelievable, but Matlock has never had a single losing day from mid-April 2020 till a truly commendable date. He started his trading journey with $30,000 in May 2020 and within 7 months was able to catapult the figures to over 7 million, which was phenomenal.

Today, PJ Matlock is a well-known trader and coach who has mentored many through his initiative 'Atlas Trading'. He is also a well-known name on social media with more than 210k followers which is enough proof of his growing popularity.

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