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Matthew Thayer On the Importance of Coaching in Trading

Matthew Thayer (ascend 42)

Like it is with anything in life, trading requires you to be coachable and be open to teaching to be successful. There is a lot to learn in trading and you have to find strategies that work for you reliably that make you money. Most people believe that it is easy to be successful in trading. But this is far from the truth. Even experienced traders sometimes have a lot of difficulties and have to constantly keep learning to keep growing.

The good thing about trading is that you can create wealth for yourself and financially secure the future of you and your family.

Matthew Thayer is a financial educator, life coach, and Chairman100 in IM Mastery Academy. He is the creator of the CashTrap Strategy, a software that helps buyers identify, buy and sell setups by offering real-time market ideas at a fast pace.

Matt understands the value of a coach and mentor in trading markets. He joined the industry with zero experience after being introduced to Alex Morton of IM Mastery Academy. He was a bit reluctant to take the first step as his passion was in network marketing. Though he was courageous enough to take the next step, he wasn't ready to be coached and chose to follow Vasquez and learn the basics of trading.

Initially, he blew up multiple accounts as a trader. He realized that he needed to change his focus and approach towards trading. He decided to make things work for him. He allowed himself to be coachable and soon success was coming his way. He became very successful and started teaching others trading strategies they can use to grow their portfolio.

He began with a small team that grew over to thousands every week. At this point, Matt had already hit the ground running with CashTrap, IM Mastery Academy's top strategy. It was his initiative to teach others that made him stand out in the market.. His CashTrap strategy is a simple but effective strategy that offers people the ability to learn how to trade and can help them create wealth for themselves and their families.

Matt has a unique work ethic with the desire to help others while still helping his family. To him, a mentor wants you to succeed and that's why they will offer the necessary assistance and knowledge to improve your trading portfolio. Remember, the mentor has been there before you and has more knowledge about the markets than you do. So, it is important to be coachable and open to new ideas and strategies.

The problem with sticking to strategies based on assumptions is that they are available everywhere on the Internet and are not credible. Some can be misleading and you can end up hurting your trading portfolio.

You can learn more about Matt by following him on social media platforms like Instagram @matthewthayer and Facebook. By joining his trading programs, you can learn the strategies needed to grow your trading portfolio and build wealth for you and your family.

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