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Media Mogul Matthew J Phillips Points Way To Attracting Elite Clientele

Matthew J Phillips (ascend 29)

(Photo Credit: Daniel T Phillips)

Instagram Influencer turned “plug” Matthew J Phillips is no newby to “clout”. At 17 years old, he rose to the spotlight after a 12-month before-after comparison picture of his physique swept through the explore page, picking up over a million views on Instagram. This drove modeling offers originating from London to Los Angeles on top of photoshoot requests, sponsors, training enquiries, and messages from some rather notable figures in his inbox. Since then, Matthew, currently 20 years old, has switched gears from Fitness to Media. Leveraging his Instagram following, social media growth experience, verified social media profiles, and slick images, Matthew has built close relationships and garnered the trust of a wide clientele that earns six to seven figures monthly and who happily purchase all things media-related from Matt and his agency - PR, social growth, and networking. Those of which without NDA’s can be seen on his social feeds, websites and funnel pages.

Naturally, this eats up a bunch of his time, however, we managed to get his two cents on the main factors influencing his success with high-level clientele - read the 3 points below for the full scoop:

1. Cut straight to the point

After my fitness success I launched my first company with the educational program Organic Clients. My time was spent working with individuals looking to bag more clients organically. And we did a great job. However, I could never make the leap from clients willing to invest $1,000-$3,000 to over $10,000. Reflecting back, one reason for this was my inability to shoot straight. Rather than state the offer and price promptly, I would beat around the bush. High level clients run from this. They want someone who can confidently and efficiently tell them what they have, what they need, how they can get it and for how much. Developing the ability to communicate in a more clear manner has allowed us at the agency to close what seemed to be the impossible deals and convert many potential big clients that were previously green in the face with our anxiousness.

2. Kings service

We prioritise service. In an article for Gotham Magazine we said we aim to blend Versace with Amazon to create premium branding for our services. We focus heavily on building tight knit relationships with Forbes, Entrepreneur, New York Times, Rolling Stones, to name a few, and the contributors of these sites to seamlessly get content on our clients published, thus taking Amazon’s approach to systems. We have a team of wordslingers who craft uniquely angled articles for clients, writing swiftly and elegantly with Oxford dictionary level punctuation. This creates a fragment of the Versace element my agency is geared towards. All of our clients get frequent updates from us regarding limited opportunities such as front cover story placements, guaranteed follower growth campaigns and so on. If a client wants something, we get it. We know our clients like family members, we know what they like, what they don’t like, and we advise them on smart investments and bad ideas. We've built a rep for seamless service, so that our clients worry about nothing. We take care of things, with premium service, so that our clients can trust that what we put out is perfect, and that they can enjoy opportunities no one else in their market has.

3. Honesty

This has elements of the first point, but it’s important enough to be a point of its own. We pride ourselves on honesty. For example, a great client of ours simply asked us to get the best price for him. We got our hands on what he wanted and quoted him a price. He asked if this was the best price possible. Our reply was along the lines of “we’re making a small profit on this deal, I can't cost price everything, as we have our fulfillment. But I can go on everything we offer lower than we’d offer anyone else and keep it to a bare minimum.” He had no problem with this and we continued. We tell our clients on some deals we’re not in control over the services and have contractors, but are taking a middle man fee. We’ll negotiate sometimes, avoid it at other times, but we always remain honest and provide valid reasons for everything we say and do. Entrepreneurs and influencers in the big leagues respect this and the honesty goes a long way making for easy word of mouth and referrals.

These tidbits helped Matthew surface as one of the main “plugs” for the elite of social media looking for Media services. If you’re looking to connect with Matt, you can do so via his Facebook or Instagram profile.

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