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Making Money Online Is The Future & Serial Entrepreneur Joe Heyes Is Helping Thousands Take The Leap

Joe Heyes (ascend 47)

Hitting rock bottom teaches people the hardest lessons, as 21-year-old entrepreneur Joe Heyes proves. When he was 17 years old, Joe and his mother fell out. Leaving him homeless, and for the next three months, Joe was dependent on other people for survival. As a teenager, coping with a situation like this was difficult. Spending nights on his friends’ couches humiliated him.

Due to his age, when his friends’ parents searched for emergency government-funded housing, it proved difficult. The situation was so bad that he spent nights under a train bridge in the rain waiting for dawn so he could go to work. He used his ongoing gym membership at a leisure centre to shower and freshen up most mornings when he wasn’t at a friend's house.

When the disagreement with his mom was resolved months later, Joe made himself a promise: Never again would another person’s decision upend his entire existence. It was time to build himself security, and he was committed to seeing it through. As if that’s all the universe had been waiting for, that very week Joe came across a Facebook post that would change the course of his life.

The person was selling a bundle of iPhones whose front screens were broken at a very low price. Joe immediately saw a business opportunity. He could buy broken iPhones cheaply, refurbish them and resell them on Facebook for a large profit.

He spent the next few days researching, and soon after, he taught himself how to dismantle and rebuild an iPhone while repairing its broken parts via YouTube videos. He then advertised across hundreds of buying and selling social media groups that he was interested in buying broken iPhones for cash. It didn’t take long before hundreds of messages started coming in weekly.

In 4 weeks, Joe’s new business was flourishing, and he bought his first car for £300. He then left the job he was doing at a friend of his mom’s and concentrated on growing his business. It grew so fast that he was buying, repairing, and reselling 10–20 products in a day. He was driving up and down the country buying and delivering iPhones to customers, and in three months, he had made over £30,000 in profit. During the 2 years prior, Joe had been teaching himself about investing and now had enough capital to fund a healthy investment account to live off the profits. For 2 years Joe Day traded currencies at high risk and amassed a portfolio worth over £500,000. In this time Joe heavily invested in numerous other ventures including his ecommerce businesses.

Almost 4 years later Mr Heyes has built a rapidly growing 7 Figure Amazon Store, A successful DTC ecommerce brand recognised by ‘GQ Magazine’ after selling an impressive 10,000 units on launch day, an industry leading Online Mentorship Platform designed to help ordinary people attain financial freedom through building their own successful Amazon FBA business as well as his 6 figure investment portfolio.

Joe knows how the right guidance, mindset, and determination can affect the world. As a result, he has created a revolutionary Online Mentorship Program that guides complete beginners with no experience from 0 to online business owners in just 4 weeks’ time. The program takes them from creating their own Amazon store, offers his personal proven product research strategies and walks through every step of the process building their Online business from A-Z to succeed selling on Amazon.

Joe Heyes has one mission right now: He wants to change at least 1million people’s lives in the next ten years by helping them transition to making money online with their own online business. Furthermore, Joe’s ambition is to positively impact 1 billion people’s lives with his Social Media content and be recognised as one of the best in his Industry.

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