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LePow Extracts Cannot Be Beat

Denver-based cannabis extraction and infusion brand LePow Extracts is now offering its signature Rick Simpson Oil in two tasty new formats: Sour Crunch Gummy Bites and Pour Up syrup. Available in multiple dosages for recreational and medical consumers alike, LePow’s edibles are made with the same high-quality, terpene-rich RSO that cannabis connoisseurs have come to expect from the company, making them a unique and exciting addition to the edibles market.

There are hundreds of brands of edibles available to Colorado consumers, but only LePow Extracts edibles are infused with LePow’s small-batch, full-spectrum, triple-filtered Rick Simpson Oil. LePow Extracts spent eight years carefully crafting its RSO formula and is constantly innovating and improving the process. Beginning with its very own indoor-grown organic cannabis flower, LePow uses food-grade, kosher, 200-proof ethanol to extract the cannabinoid-packed oil known as Rick Simpson Oil. Many extract companies end the process there, but LePow goes above and beyond to triple-filter each batch of RSO, removing any wax, fat, sediment or plant material from the final product. The RSO is then decarboxylated to kill any remaining spores and make the THC and other cannabinoids orally active.

After being rigorously tested by state-certified analytical labs for heavy metals, pesticides, residual ethanol and microbial spores, the RSO can be vaped, dabbed, applied topically or used in edibles like the Sour Crunch Gummy Bites and Pour Up syrup. Randomly selected samples from each batch of finished product are re-sent to a testing lab for an added layer of security. LePow Extracts products don’t just meet the industry standards; the company sets its own sky-high standards.

As the in-house brand for the local medical marijuana dispensary Kind Meds, LePow Extracts made a name for itself by focusing on bringing the highest-quality medicinal marijuana products to the Colorado medical market. Recently, in an effort to bring the healing power of cannabis to as broad an audience as possible, LePow expanded to cater to recreational consumers as well. The Sour Crunch Gummy Bites and Pour Up syrups will be available in 100 milligram packages on the recreational side, as well as 250, 500 and 1000 milligram packages on the medical side. Now you can benefit from the medicinal feel of LePow Extracts RSO and infused edibles whether you have a Colorado medical marijuana card or not.

It has been said that a spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down, and that’s exactly why LePow wanted to offer its RSO in an appetizing edible format. With multiple fun flavor options, these edibles are perfect for consumers who love the medicinal effects of LePow’s fully decarboxylated RSO, but want something less bitter tasting. By teaming up with professional pastry chef Matt Augustine, LePow Extracts ensured that its full-spectrum edibles would be just as delicious as they are effective.

Each Sour Crunch Gummy Bite is an explosion of flavor and texture, the sweetness and chewiness of the blue raspberry gummy base perfectly complemented by the outer coating of crunchy sour crystals. LePow’s Pour Up infused syrup is available in grape, tropical punch, spun sugar, cherry cola and bubblegum flavors, offering endless possibilities for the home mixologist looking to experiment with flavor combinations. With its thin, non-viscous consistency, Pour Up is easy to mix into your beverage of choice. LePow recommends mixing Pour Up into sparkling water for a less sweet option, but also encourages consumers to play around with adding it to their favorite soda, juice, or even cocktails. Plus, unlike many other edibles on the market, both the Sour Crunch Gummy Bites and Pour Up syrups are gluten-free. Ideal for on-the-go dosing, the Pour Up syrups and Sour Crunch Gummy Bites do not need to be refrigerated, and can be stored at room temperature without the risk of melting or spoiling. But if you like your syrup a little thicker, storing it in the fridge will do the trick.

While LePow Extracts products all contain a full spectrum of cannabinoids, the company itself is also a full-spectrum operation, taking a holistic approach to ensure top quality from the seed to the final product on dispensary shelves. Unlike the majority of cannabis brands, LePow has its own grow house, allowing it to cultivate the flower used to make its RSO, which is then used to make the brand’s edibles. By cutting out the middlemen when sourcing its cannabis, LePow Extracts prioritizes quality control and consistency. When it comes to safety and uniformity from batch to batch and product to product, LePow Extracts cannot be beat.

LePow Extracts isn’t planning to slow its expansion any time soon. The company is constantly finding new, convenient and delicious ways to bring consumers the same terpenes and cannabinoids that they would get from vaping or ingesting their RSO. In fact, LePow will soon be producing high-end infused bonbons and other goodies to add to its edible offerings. Always on the forefront of cannabis-industry innovation, LePow Extracts promises to continue delivering only the best to Colorado consumers.

Ask your favorite medical or recreational dispensary about LePow Extracts products today.

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