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Juris Bruvers on finding success before even turning 18

Juris Bruvers (ascend 31)

Today I had the opportunity to talk with Juris Bruvers, an Instagram influencer, entrepreneur, and mentor. We got to discuss his meteoric rise to success, how it has affected his life and what are his thoughts on where he is today and where he will be tomorrow.

Where did you get the idea of making the decision to put all the effort into building your brand?

''It was weird you know only at fifteen, going after it. I made so many mistakes, I felt like I wanted to give up at times, but the more I tried going forward a little further, the more I succeeded. It's mind-blowing and I don't regret any of those decisions.''

What has changed since you reached success?

''Nothing much really, you kind of get used to everything. Imagine if you got put into a position of power. At some point, it would feel normal, just like for everybody else. The only thing that changes is the people that are around you. The haters and the despisers, they all start to disappear, because you find out that some people close to you can't stand seeing you succeed.''

Are you happy where you are at these days?

"To be honest, I don't think so. Of course, I'm happy with my financial situation, but I feel like I will always have that itch when I wake up, to achieve more, to go where no one has been, to search for the next challenge. I'm only satisfied when everything has been done and to a certain standard.''

Where do you see yourself in the future?

''I see myself giving lectures, mentoring, I see that as the next challenge. Because it's one thing to achieve success to be the best, but now try to help someone do the same thing within a completely different industry. I want to teach people, to educate what is a good mindset and how to achieve it. I believe that's what we lack in this day and age. Going up through the ranks in school you're only taught to do your 9-5 and that everything outside of that is too risky and will lead to failure. But that's the catch, you need to fail to improve and subsequently succeed. It frustrates me, but I guess that's how the world is built these days.''

Thank you for taking the time to have this conversation. I appreciate it so much.

Some of the things we talked about, I was being honest about some of the things that are really at the core of what I am. I really want to be honest. The world these days is built too much on lies. But I’m happy I’ve had this conversation because I feel like it did clarify some of the things, I’m obsessing on about, but I feel like I haven’t been able to talk about. So, thank you.

Anytime you want to talk again, I’m available.

Do I have to pay by the hour?

I’m very reasonable, I promise.

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