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Josh Bru Has Become the Leading Talent Buyer in Chicago’s Nightlife Scene

Josh Bru (ascend 38)

The city of Chicago has an energetic and lively nightlife scene. It has one of the most vibrant nightlife that attracts tourists from around the world. It is also a promising city for artist booking as there are always gigs no matter the season. Josh Brusilovsky or Josh Bru is a reputed talent buyer and an expert in artist booking.

Josh Bru has gained a reputation for consistently delivering the best talent for the right occasion for the past four years he has been in the industry. He partners with celebrities, famous music festivals, and other influential organizations in Chicago for his events. This enables him to gain access to book some of the high-ticket artists. Josh is now considered one of the leading talent buyers in the city of Chicago. Over the years, he has made bookings of over $250,000 in artists throughout different nightlife venues across Chicago and other cities in the US.

Josh came to Chicago to study Business at DePaul University. Like many college students, he had to find a side hustle and that's how he found himself in the entertainment industry. He began by doing promotions for smaller nightlife venues in the city to earn extra income. A few years later, Josh Bru had started his own entertainment company, doing exceptionally well. Before the pandemic, he had employed over a dozen promoters working on marketing his events. His primary target market was the numerous colleges across Chicago and the promoters did a really good job attracting a lot of people.

His artist bookings are mainly for after-shows and after-parties. He creates a separate event besides the actual event that artists are invited to perform in. He reaches out to a venue, ideally a nightclub or concert hall, and attracts attendees/patrons for the events. In addition, his promoters run full-scale promotional campaigns throughout Chicago, publicizing the events. The marketing campaign includes a social media drive with giveaways and prizes among other enticements. They also employ various promotional techniques that are meant to drive ticket sales and foot traffic.

Josh Bru also attracts bottle service clients for his events. He references his long Rolodex of previously existing clientele established over the years. His main task that is the most critical part of organizing an event is booking the right talent. It's the most expensive part of the entire process but Josh Bru easily gets through it as an expert in it. He is widely acknowledged for his credible and trustworthy professional services in the nightlife scene.

Some of the most prominent names in the entertainment scene that he has been able to work with include DJ Khaled, Migos, Saweetie, 24kGoldn, Jack Harlow, Playboi Carti, Travis Scott, Blueface, and Shoreline Mafia.

With a rich and expansive network in the entertainment scene in Chicago, Josh Bru is expanding into A&R and artist management. He wants to use his huge experience in the industry and work more hands-on with the artists. He will utilize the connections he has made over the past four years and apply them to his artist management role to build the career of his artists. His focus on the new role is to deliver high-quality marketing-focused management to upcoming artists to guide them to have a successful career in the music industry.

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