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Putting Integrity First: How Jonathan Seller Is Changing Lives In The Philippines

Jonathan Seller (ascend 40)

Most of us have a dream of making it big and then sitting back and enjoying the rewards. Jonathan Seller had the same dreams and ambitions. However, he learned that more money doesn’t translate to more happiness. From his experience, he advises entrepreneurs to remember that personal happiness is the most important thing. Jonathan made a lot of money, but it came with loads of stress. The kind you don’t see on your Instagram feed.

He started his career as a full-time worship pastor in Christian ministry. One of the things he wanted to do was become a musician. At the same time, he had an interest in the business world. One of his first ventures was making YouTube videos for mattress companies. This soon earned him the name “The Mattress Guy” on YouTube, making him over 6-figures in affiliate commissions as a side hustle.

After starting another business, SecondTri Media, Jonathan left his pastor job at his church to focus on building his company. He made out well and reinvested most of it in the stock market. His interest in financial markets is why Jonathan spends countless hours watching YouTube videos on stocks and crypto. Jonathan says, “If you fix the money problem in your life your brain is able to think about what you’re actually made for.”

His investments have made him a multimillionaire, and he now enjoys assisting others in achieving their goals. He does this by helping them set up passive income streams. This is why Jonathan founded AMZ Auto Pilots LLC. This is a company that helps people generate a passive income while selling on platforms like Amazon, Walmart and now Facebook with FB Auto Pilots launching in Fall 2021.

The new business venture is currently in the testing phase, but the results are promising. They show that Facebook Marketplace offers an incredible opportunity to generate cash every week. In addition, selling through Facebook is considered less risky than Walmart or Amazon.

Jonathan Seller is a multitalented entrepreneur who is also a musician. He is currently working on a new EP to be released soon. Jonathan is a businessman known to help people set up e-commerce businesses. He cherishes integrity and putting the needs of clients first. It has made him successful in all his business endeavors.

Most players in the e-commerce space offer services that enable clients to make more sales. However, Jonathan’s business is more focused on helping clients make a passive income, which is more valuable. For example, $100 generated in passive income is worth more than $1,000 made through work. He is an accomplished businessman and a Christian songwriter and singer who has produced multiple albums.

Nevertheless, the success he currently enjoys didn’t come without any negative experiences. One of the challenges Jonathan had to deal with was to stop comparing himself with others in the same industry. Furthermore, he believes that opportunities are abundant, like water in the ocean.

The lesson he shares with budding entrepreneurs is that personal happiness is the most important thing and should not be sacrificed at any cost. He has made lots of money, but it didn’t make him happy. On the contrary, he experienced more stress as he pursued more money because of the responsibilities that came with it.

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