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5 Biggest Takeaways From John Gafford’s Success

John Gafford (ascend 30)

John Gafford is the co-founder of The Simply Group, which seeks outstanding real estate brokers to create joint venture partnerships in mortgages, insurance, and titles. He is also a partner in Simply Vegas, the highest-grossing boutique luxury real estate company in Nevada. Most importantly, John has been able to stay at the forefront of an ever-changing real estate industry for the past 14 years.

John’s flare for real estate was ignited during his time on Season 3 of NBC’s “The Apprentice.” Though he departed from the show in week eight, he was encouraged by Kendra Todd, the eventual winner of that season, to pursue a career in real estate.

Since then, John has established himself as a highly regarded contributor, speaker, and consultant in the real estate, entrepreneur, and sales space. Naturally, his success story wasn’t written overnight.

In his early days, John had to deal with a spiteful broker that caused him a slew of problems as well as a crooked partner that fled the state with a million dollars, leaving John with the mess of owed money and lawsuits to deal with. He is a big believer in modern stoicism and credits Ryan Holiday’s book, The Obstacle is the Way, for helping him manage his emotions during those times of hardship.

Adding to his trials and tribulations, John had to overcome a market crash shortly after opening his first shop. Moreover, he had to expand his pool of expertise to be able to follow the trends. Gifted at predicting market shifts, John has been able to make timely switches from short sales to REO or hedge funds to luxury.

Being business savvy isn’t necessarily enough to make you stand out, though. John is a strong proponent of edgy and shocking marketing strategies and has proven that they can yield great results, even if not all reception is positive. As one of John’s good friends once told him, “It doesn’t matter if people are talking good or bad about you; it’s when they stop talking that you have a problem.”

What also sets John and The Simply Group apart from other companies is integrating vertically with title companies, insurance companies, and mortgage companies. This streamlined approach provides clients with an elite customer experience while removing some of the common nuisances involved in buying a home.

Lastly, John advocates focusing on relationships in real estate rather than the deal. Instead of trying to maximize your gains, making the client feel like you’ve made a small concession goes a long way.

Leading by example, when an agent from a renowned firm asked for a 25% referral fee per deal, John replied that he would be paying him 30% instead. Likewise, when a client told John he could keep everything he got over the listing price in addition to the commission, he politely declined and said the commission would be sufficient, to the client’s pleasant surprise.

If you wish to learn more about John Gafford, you can follow him on Facebook and Instagram as well as tune in to his podcast The Power Move on YouTube, where he talks about business, life, and entrepreneurship.

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