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Any Photographer’s Dream Come True – Javier Aranburu Opens His Own Photography Gallery In Madrid

Javier Aranburu (ascend 20)

Spanish photographer Javier Aranburu is renowned globally for his outstanding skills in capturing people’s and events’ perfect moments through his camera lens. He has had exhibitions in San Francisco in the US; Trieste, Italy; Beijing, China; and his hometown of Madrid, Spain. Javier Aranburu won the LUX de Oro award, given by Spain’s Association of Professional Photographers (AFPE) in 2019.

Javier Aranburu was born in Paris, France but moved to Madrid when he was 15, where he stayed for good to study. He went to the Complutense University of Madrid, where he obtained a business administration and management degree. Javier successfully used his college education to find a job as an economist during his late teens and early 20s.

One day, while working at his office, Javier Aranburu heard an interview with a photographer in Spain on the radio. The detail from the interview that stood out to him was that the photographer could travel the world as part of his job. This intrigued Javier and sparked a new passion in him, and a week later, he began looking for a photography school to attend.

After some time, Javier Aranburu moved to New York and began training at the International Center of Photography (ICP). After training, he got a job at the same institution and became an assistant to famous photographer Mary Ellen Mark. He stayed in New York for almost two years to hone his photography skills and cover important events like New York Fashion Week.

Javier Aranburu went back home to Spain, bringing with him a rich experience and world-class tutelage from the best photography mentors in the world. He developed into a multi-disciplined photographer as he did photojournalism, got into artistic and advertising photography, and disseminated visual and photographic culture to expand his craft. He ha publicado su trabajo for major companies like Vogue, Elle, Hola Viajes, and Europa Press.

Javier Aranburu became a professor of photography at the European Institute of Design (IED) and Talavera School of Art to share his skills with other aspirant photographers. He also did street photography, which allowed him more freedom to exercise his skills, and most of this work was shared in his future exhibitions. One of his most notable exhibitions was called You Love Madrid, where he showcased shots from popular places like (En el aeropuerto fue la exposición) el Parque del Retiro de Madrid o la Puerta de Alcalá.

Javier Aranburu has been in the photography industry for just a decade, but he has already achieved numerous accolades in Spain and abroad. He even opened his own photography gallery, which got significant attention on a global scale. He was a finalist in the prestigious San Francisco StreetPhoto Contest and had an honorable mention in the Annual Photography Awards in 2020.

Photography enthusiasts can see Javier’s work at his gallery in Madrid and online on his website and Instagram page. His photography gallery is now ten years old, and he fought numerous adversities to get it going, especially amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Javier is looking to do larger exhibitions someday so people can see his amazing masterpieces and get inspiration from his story.

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