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How Jad Kantari Built an 8-Figure ECommerce Empire from Nothing

Jad Kantari (ascend 29)

Born in Lebanon, Jad Kantari grew up with the dream to create wealth and be one of the most successful people in the world. Spending 18 years of his life in a third-world country where electricity is considered a privilege, informed his decision to flee the country to search for better opportunities. Jad made the bold move in 2009, by immigrating to the US where he believed he could actualize his dreams.

Being in the US exposed him to numerous life opportunities that he embraced to turn his dreams into realities. His hard work and determination saw him become one of the most successful people in the eCommerce space. Jad rose from nothing to owning an 8-figure eCommerce empire. He is also one of the best media buyers and marketers in eCommerce, thriving in sectors that seem challenging to other entrepreneurs. He generated over $25 in revenue in his first three years, a figure he feels he can easily surpass in a year.

Throughout his career, Jad has built numerous businesses and brands that are doing exceptionally well in their industries. His business interests are in the eCommerce space, and that's where he thrives best. His expertise and business know-how rate him ahead of most eCommerce entrepreneurs. While most eCommerce brands are moving away from low-ticket products, Jad is actively disrupting the market with effective strategies that generate millions. The young entrepreneur has a great mastery of the sector's dynamics and maneuvers his way despite the increasingly high Facebook ads costs.

Like most other entrepreneurs, Jad has also faced his share of challenges. He ventured into the eCommerce space without prior experience or expertise. He was only armed with a dream and the willpower for success at all costs. The year 2019 was one of his most challenging years for Jad in the eCommerce space. His lack of experience and bad business decisions landed him in partnerships that led him to lose a huge brand in the subscription space. Jad terms it as one of the major setbacks that forced him back to the drawing board.

The experience served as an eye-opener for Jad so he would approach businesses with an open mindset. He also discovered the power of resilience and persistence in businesses. Most significantly, an entrepreneur should believe in their own abilities to make informed decisions. Don't allow yourself to be swayed by the noise around you, but rather be confident in yourself. People will always try to influence your moves based on their previous experiences, which does not reflect your abilities.

A successful entrepreneur, Jad strongly believes in having gratitude for everything you achieve. It's important to stay humble and hungry for more success and be ready to learn even from those around you.

His ambition is to scale further and grow his eCommerce brands to generate over $200M in a year. Jad is also determined to go global and have a universally accredited brand in the subscription space. Jad shares his dream to make the world better for everyone and aspires to make it a reality by creating more brands that resonate with people's needs. His goal is not just to establish money-making brands but also to create brands that bring value to the world, thus leaving a positive impact on the lives of many globally.

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