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Everything You Need to Know About Jacob Darby

Jacob Darby (ascend 9)

Digital nomads are independent remote workers who choose to work from different locations far away from their homes. These are experts and professionals in different sectors of the economy and cut across the different generations. They rely on modern technologies such as smartphones and laptops to facilitate their work from any location in the world. The rapid technological advancement, growth of online talents, and digital markets have been the key factors contributing to their rise. The widespread trend of co-working and co-living spaces has also played a significant role in the rise of nomad workers.

Additionally, many companies and brands worldwide have grown confident in allowing their employees to work remotely. This was brought about by the COVID pandemic that had confined everyone in their homes.

However, professional digital nomads such as Jacob Darby have dedicated their careers to entirely working remotely. Darby is a renowned adventuring American entrepreneur building businesses from Latin America. For over seven years, he has been generating millions in sales for his clients from various regions. He achieves this while living at a beach house in Mexico where he assists multiple brands in skyrocketing their revenue, particularly through online sales. His hard work and determination have seen him transform from living in a $200 a month shared home to penthouse apartments across Latin America.

A well-established digital expert, Darby owns a couple of niche websites that he executes. He makes thousands of dollars by using effective SEO strategies and affiliate marketing for his clients. Darby identifies and designs the best strategy that serves the purpose for each niche. The key areas that Darby emphasizes are high-quality information, and user designs. He considers it vital to invest in these aspects to help clients grow their websites and outshine the competition. A detailed and appealing website is not sufficient to achieve success, and that’s where the SEO strategies come in. Darby advises capitalizing on these tools to make your brand more visible.

Aside from business, Darby is a born wanderer and a classic example of a digital nomad. And loves traveling to different destinations in the world. He has been to over 30 countries around the globe, but Latin America seems to have won his heart. Darby has toured different countries in the region, among them Mexico, Colombia, Panama, and Peru. He finds the city of Mexico attractive with great cafes and restaurants, not to mention the amazing coastline and beaches.

Though he loves Mexico City dearly, he has faced numerous challenges in his early days in the city. He has been a victim of a robbery in Mazatlan and again in San Salvador. These were major setbacks in his career as he lost his most valuable work assets in the two incidents. Darby has had to replace his phone twice, including getting a spare one in case of further losses.

Darby has also acquired a new mindset by moving from one city to another. He now is deciding to operate in one location for a while before moving again. Working this way gives him the much-needed time and attention to focus on work. Unlike his previous lifestyle, where he often got carried away by the new adventures which gave him less time to work.

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