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Isabella Garofanelli Empowers Travel Lovers to Make Careers From Their Passion

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Almost everyone has what they consider a “dream job,” something that would allow them to enjoy what they do each day, finding fulfillment while also earning a living. It can be hard to earn this, especially within a competitive job market. That’s why it’s such an inspiration when you find someone who has achieved their dream career. Isabella Garofanelli, a luxury travel expert, creative director, and brand strategist is one of those people.

Garofanelli considers herself a “travelpreneur,” someone who has forged their own path that’s brought them around the world. She started with a traditional job in the media space, as many people do. But once she realized this wasn’t the inspiring and fulfilling path she wanted, she left, and never looked back. She used the social media marketing and media creation skills she learned at her corporate job and used them to launch multiple companies of her own: Your Luxe Lifestyle, Your Luxe Travel, and Brand Builder Factory.

As a solo CEO, Garofanelli can travel the world, jet setting to fascinating far-off destinations whenever she pleases. By exploring new places, she is not only expanding her horizons but also gathering invaluable insight for her clients and audience. Each of Garofanelli’s destinations is a new opportunity to create fresh content, share her expert opinions, and inspire her followers.

One of the many things that make Garofanelli unique is the way she’s able to fuse educational experiences for brands with once-in-a-lifetime trips. Through her company Your Luxe Travel, she creates tours to the magnificent Maldives that relax, inspire, and educate her clients. To Garofanelli, traveling is about more than just taking time off. She believes in feeding the mind and soul which she does through her special events and conferences that are perfect for aspiring travelpreneurs.

Travel blogging and making a living from traveling is quite challenging, as there is a lot of competition in the space. By turning to Garofanelli and her Brand Builder Factory, bloggers, entrepreneurs, and brands can embrace everything traveling has to offer. Her educational sessions cover topics like making travel your life’s ultimate goal, how to earn the perfect brand collaboration, and some of her hard-earned secrets as an entrepreneur. She knows that by having the right resources and guidance, travelpreneurs can create the life of their dreams.

For those looking to make incredible content like Garofanelli does, she has one-of-a-kind content tours. She brings clients to the most lavish, exotic locations that are the perfect backdrop for amazing photos. Clients then have access to professional photographers, drone pilots, and stylists to make sure the content is the perfect fit for their brand. Anyone looking to bring their content to the next level is sure to accomplish that by working with Garofanelli.

By following her passion for travel and content creation, Garofanelli has been able to earn her dream job, but create a life full of adventure. She strives to bring all her readers the best the world has to offer, since she is always on the move, experiencing it herself. For those whose dream job is to explore the globe, Garofanelli shows that it’s possible.

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