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Ida Gasparova Set to Launch Her Expertly Crafted Fashion Line Incantevole Milano

Ida Gasparova (ascend 28)

Ida Gasparova is a retired model and one of the best to grace the runway. Ida shares a deep passion for dressing up and being stylish. She has a great sense of fashion that she has shared with the rest of the world. She loves fashion, photography, traveling, and the business side of fashion. Throughout her career, Ida has been to each continent, witnessing the beauty of the earth. She loves new experiences and cultures and has visited every major tourist destination on the planet. She admits to spending about six months of each year traveling.

After achieving so much success in the modeling world, starting her own brand and fashion line is the only next logical step she would have made in her career. The fashion line has provided her with the opportunity to combine her sense of style, fashion, and love of photography with her expertise from the modeling world. She has borrowed a lot from different cultures in different regions but remained mindful not to misappropriate any of them.

The Incantevole Milano line will feature a string of beautiful, elegant yet revealing dresses that match her personality and sense of fashion. The designs are unique and sleek as she uses the most delicate fabrics and the best tailors in Italy. According to Ida, the material and fabrics should make you feel like the woman you are. She also aspires to make women feel good and sexy in the dresses she designs and creates. Ida says, “Women deserve to feel feminine and sexy while remaining classic.”

Ida is currently in the final stages of designing, producing, marketing, and selling the fashion line. Ida anticipates it will be released this coming winter 2021/2022. She promises Incantevole Milano to be a game-changer in the industry and introduce women to her fashion sense. Ida has remained bold and trendy In the designs, hopefully establishing her as a pacesetter in the industry.

To her, how you dress is the first impression strangers get of you. What you wear and how you present yourself is so vitally important, more so in this current generation. Ida says that the types of clothes you wear and accessories you put on can be used to tell what type of person you are. She has since made it her goal to present women with a touch of confidence, feminism, and desire through Incantevole Milano.

Ida aspires to have a full line of young, forward-thinking, and classic ready-to-wear designs. Her dream is to see her brand featured in top retail stores worldwide in a few years.

Her advice is to envision the success you want in your mind. It all starts with imagination, dreams, and belief in something to tap into the world of possibilities. To Ida, she would have achieved a little more if someone had told her the same 18 years ago.

A successful model and entrepreneur in the making, Ida believes that life is full of learning experiences, and you begin to understand this only as you grow older and mature. Don't toil away trying to achieve perfection right at the start; just get started and learn as you grow.

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