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How Igor Montemor Escaped the Rat Race and Built the Life of His Dreams

Igor Montemor (ascend 46)

The trouble with being in the rat race is that even if you win, you are still a rat. This is where many successful people choose to deviate and create their own way. They used their talent to separate themselves from any race yet be distinguished in their industry. Entrepreneur and investor Igor Montemor is one such example who chose to go beyond his comfort zone to chase his true goals.

Igor started his career with a corporate job. He worked his way up to a successful career in Financial Technology at a Fortune 500 homebuilding company. He had everything a successful executive could dream of: a well-paying job, worry-free retirement plans, employee benefits, and experience in the field that spanned around 13 years. What separated him from the rest of his peers is that Igor has kept on investing a large portion of his earnings into the crypto market.

In 2018, Igor saw his investments during the last 13 years had culminated in huge returns. The amount was enough for him to live a secure future without a job and chase his dreams. Motivated to fulfill all his goals that were pending due to his career in the corporate world, Igor quit his job to start his entrepreneurial ventures.

In the last couple of years, Igor has launched many successful projects, generating millions every year. He has also pursued his passion for collecting exquisite art and watches. His first venture was a marketing agency named CXN. Based in Miami, this digital marketing agency creates user experiences to write success stories for businesses and brands across the world. Besides companies, the agency also caters to influencers and public figures, bringing them the much-needed limelight in the digital space. So far, CXN has worked with a long list of major clients; notable among them is David Beckham’s Inter Miami Soccer Team.

Igor ventured into the hotel industry in Tulum. He started his own boutique hotel named The Furlough and also owns several other villas in the area. While The Furlough is creating huge turnovers every year, Igor rents out the other villas short-term, mainly for organizing events. Considering the popularity of Tulum as an event venue, he is scaling up his property business faster with DJ night parties and dance and music festivals.

With all the previous ventures running successfully, Igor thought of venturing into branding and influencer marketing, which is becoming increasingly popular through social media. With no prior knowledge in the space, Igor started connecting to various influencers around the world and even personally met them to learn about their career prospects and journeys. He also used Google and YouTube as prime sources of information to gain expertise in the field.

With all the knowledge he could gather from various sources, Igor was confident enough to venture into the influencer marketing business and founded Furlough, an influencer marketing agency. The company works relentlessly to bridge the gap between brands and influencers in the same niche. Furlough has already offered professional consultation services to several top influencers, DJs, and artists across the globe.

Going forward, Igor is planning to venture into the restaurant business, opening several local eateries and lounges by the end of 2022. He is using social media to record his journey and help people follow in his footsteps to success. His inspiring story of breaking away from the corporate world to accomplish his goal motivates aspiring entrepreneurs to venture into business confidently.

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