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The one-stop-shop for mesmerizing treasures, Haimov Jeweler’s

Haimov Jewelers (ascend 15)

Haimov Jewellers is one of the most talented and unique jewellery stores in Miami, Florida that makes the most amazing pieces on the market. Their creativity and service are what makes their customers happy. They believe in quality, creativity and giving the best service for their customers. They treat every customer equally with respect as if they are part of the Haimov family. Also, their main concern is the quality of products over quantity. "Our originality and honesty prevent us from running into major challenges, however, obstacles will always come up on your path to success, the way we deal with them is by keeping our head up and breaking through anything negative with positivity", they say.

Haimov Jewellers is a family business that was built by a very brilliant and skilful man called Igal Haimov. He established this business in 1989. Igal Haimov’s father was a taxi driver and his son’s passion started from a very young age making sketches of jewellery design. A jeweller recognised his creativity and got him into the business, that's where the story started.

Haimov Jewellers has become quite famous in the world of celebrities. They are a hit favourite in Hollywood and many actors and socialites can be seen sporting customised jewellery courtesy of Haimov Jewellers. They have made original pieces for the likes of Lil Pump, who is famous for his rapping, styling, and bling jewellery he wears in public. Apart from this, Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton and Lebron James have also been spotted in the store before.

Their high-quality products have drawn the attention of not only celebrities but have also have attracted ‘ordinary’ people. Each individual is welcome at Haimov Jewellers to buy their mesmerizing products at very reasonable prices. Haimov Jewellers makes sure to carry a range of products and services so that anyone from any economic background can feel welcome there. After all, as Igal Haimov says, “It is not about what we’re making as long as we’re making something they’ll truly love”

Their next steps are to create their own clothing line representing their brand, to create their own line of watches (Haimov watches) and to build the biggest showroom in the Miami diamond district. To know more about Haimov Jewellers, visit their website: www.haimov.com

To keep yourself updated about Haimov Jewellers, you can follow them on Instagram and YouTube, the links are given below:

Instagram: www.instagram.com/haimovjewelers.

YouTube: www.youtube.com/c/HaimovJewelers.

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