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Do Good, Eat Good: Good Ranchers is Redefining the Taste of Beef

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A lot of people tend to think all meat tastes the same. Some argue the taste depends on the cooking; while that is true, it is also true that the taste of meat is equally, if not more, dependent on the source of the meat. Proving that to be true is the top online meat service, Good Ranchers.

Good Ranchers is a meat subscription delivery box service that is redefining the taste of beef with their 100% American sourced, affordable, and USDA top-graded products. With the goal of providing trusted meat that is of the highest quality with the highest flavor, Good Ranchers has partnered with local ranches and farms across America. All their beef is USDA graded and receives Prime and Choice grades, which are the hardest to achieve.

Delicious and tender meat involves much more than just the cooking process. Whatever happens from the rearing of the animal up to the end product is crucial. At Good Ranchers, they work hand-in-hand with the various ranches ensuring all animals are grass-fed and grain-finished. In addition, they ensure all their partners use animal care practices and uphold sustainability; as well, the feed is not exposed to any inorganic substances.

With the processing, the team at Good Ranchers ages their meat for a period of about 21 days. This helps the meat remain fresh and soft while adding more flavor. To ensure the products reach their customers still fresh, they use individually wrapped, vacuum-sealed packaging and flash freeze the meat.

The company has cemented its place in the market. However, like most businesses, there have been challenges. Sharing one of their biggest challenges, the CEO of Good Ranchers notes starting out was tough. Using all their savings to support their dream, they knew they had to make it work one way or another. By differentiating themselves from the competitors and offering steakhouse quality at affordable prices, they established their position in the market. They managed to sell over $20k on their first day.

Besides providing their customers with 100% American meat, Good Ranchers also supports the less fortunate with their Give 10 Program, a food bank donation initiative. Firm believers in creating opportunities for those who need it the most, they partner with local food banks and have now helped over 300,000 families. Explaining how they go about it, the CEO of Good Ranchers says they partner with food banks in different cities. They set up drop-off bins to collect and donate nonperishable items and donate 10 meals for every box sold.

While it all started as an idea scribbled on a napkin, its impact on the market is visible three and a half years later. Good Ranchers is redefining the taste of beef, chicken, seafood, and meat all around! Looking into the future, they hope to expand to provide restaurants and grocery stores with specialty items.

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