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Relentless hard work and a hustler mindset paved the way to Gabriel Baraja’s AKA Tacosway success as an entrepreneur.

Gabriel Baraja’s AKA Tacosway (ascend 27)

Gabriel Barajas has seen it all, from his humble beginnings to owning a tacos and fries restaurant chain called Quieres TacosWay.

Humble beginnings can teach you what no education can. This stands true in the case of Mr Gabriel Barajas, the owner of the renowned tacos chain – ‘Quieres TacosWay’. Gabriel was born in San Fernando, and moved to Concepcion De Buenos Aires in Jalisco, Mexico, where his father worked for ‘Gracianas Tortillas’. His childhood was spent in a bad neighbourhood, where there was no heat, the windows were covered with plastic, and the floor was stained. From a very early age, Gabriel learned the value of hard work, as he would go to neighbouring towns with his father to sell tortillas.

But in just a few years, his family moved back to San Fernando; his father got a cleaning job, and his mother worked as a janitor. At the age of 11, when other kids were busy playing in the open grounds, Gabriel would be cleaning chalkboards, sweeping floors, and taking the trash out, to help her mother.

With all the struggle that his family was witnessing, he hustled with extreme dedication and hard work. He did some odd jobs and made ample savings to open a food joint, “TacosWay”, at a small restaurant in Roscoe. The business was slow initially, despite Gabriel putting his life’s savings into it, in addition to working 16 hours a day for 7 days a week. But in the face of adversity, Gabriel did not give in and thought of a creative marketing idea.

With the help of his friend Eddie, he made a song about his restaurant on social media. This brilliant idea worked, and it created a buzz online. People started coming to his restaurant, and positive word of mouth spread rapidly in the area. Slowly, the business grew and due to effective use of social media, his restaurant became a brand, and people from faraway began coming to eat the famous tacos and fries.

Gabriel’s determination, hard work, and hustle not only uplifted his family, but he now owns four more restaurants, becoming a restaurant chain entrepreneur. Gabriel’s success is a classic case of hustling mentality and many have been inspired due to it.

To learn more, visit the website, https://tacosway.com/.

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