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Frantisek Hrinkanic’s Journey To Being a Renowned Crypto Mentor

Frantisek Hrinkanic (ascend 13)

Financial freedom is what most aim to achieve through their careers. However, for Frantisek Hrinkanic, it’s helping others attain their goals. Throughout his five years in the cryptocurrency industry, he has already provided mentorship to thousands. In the future, he aims to further use his knowledge and influence in social media networks, such as Twitter and Instagram, to educate and impact the whole world.

Frantisek’s journey in cryptocurrency started in 2016, but before that, he was already interested in technology and the world’s future. Growing up in Slovakia, he was into computer games and was gifted at it. He studied digital media graphics when he was in high school, and it opened the bigger world of technology to him. This was when he first heard about cryptocurrency.

At that time, he didn’t pay particular attention to it, but little did he know that cryptocurrency would one day shape his life. Then, in 2016, he met three other people from Slovakia and the Czech Republic who were also interested in blockchain technology. Together, they invested in cryptocurrency and set about learning everything that they could about the industry.

They started making money, and it made them realize the potential that cryptocurrency has to dominate the economy. This world is progressively becoming more digitized, and it’s expected that digital currency will one day be the standard for financial transactions. More people also noticed this trend, and the number of aspiring cryptocurrency traders and investors began to increase.

Before Frantisek and his team made a name for themselves in the industry, they were once beginners. They know firsthand the rookies’ struggles and what kind of help and support they really need. As professionals with superior knowledge about cryptocurrency, they decided to use what they learned to help other people.

This was how the CryptoTips Academy was founded. As of today, thousands of lives have already changed because of Frantisek and his team. They offer complete tutorials and courses to crypto traders and investors, whether they are beginners or experienced. The course contains everything you need to know about blockchain technology and cryptocurrency and even experts’ advice on succeeding in this industry.

Besides the academy, Frantisek also worked with his team to author a book for beginners in the cryptocurrency industry. It covers topics such as exchanges, trading, and wallet, among many others. Frantisek’s personal advice, tips from his experience, and words of encouragement are also included there. He aims to not only educate but also spread awareness about the future of technology.

Currently, Frantisek is focusing his efforts on being a mentor and launching a charity targeted towards resolving world problems, whether political like corruption, social like racism, or environmental like global warming. Through his different endeavors, he’s not only changing his life for the better, but he’s also making his mark on the world.

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