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Fede Hidalgo: The Entrepreneur Transforming the E-Commerce Space

Fede Hidalgo (ascend 38)

Establishing an e-commerce presence in the modern business landscape has become a must for any brand seeking success. Having an online presence comes with a wide variety of benefits, and it's one of the greatest ways of reaching external markets beyond your physical area of operations. An e-commerce store targets a larger potential market while operating from the same locality.

Fede Hidalgo, an e-commerce expert, is one of the successful entrepreneurs with a better understanding of the industry. Fede is an experienced e-commerce entrepreneur from Granada, Spain. The 27-year-old has been in the e-commerce industry for the last 16 years, gaining massive experience. Fede joined the e-commerce business at a young age and was earning an income through the sector at just 14. He was running a couple of digital businesses, including working with pages that you had to pay to obtain file downloads. His interest in learning and understanding more about the e-commerce space led him to venture into web design, development, and management as a webmaster.

Fede has since then dedicated his life to digital businesses billing over €300,000 every single month since 2016. He has also expanded to teaching other people to create and grow thriving online businesses. Fede has created tu.tienda, a profitable school for online stores through which he passes on his teachings and experience. His programs include fast and cheap courses that will cost you 95 euros but offer much more money-making skills for you to benefit from. Fede shares his proven practical business management skills with other entrepreneurs. He teaches them how to sell online easily and intuitively for all types of clients.

Digital marketing is also essential for success in e-commerce. Fede argues that operating in e-commerce entails more than just launching a website with a cart and a payment gateway. Being just virtually present in e-commerce won’t bring success to your business. Fede believes that you need to be proactive in marketing and making sure your brand is visible to potential clients. This is why his teachings include creating ads with very high returns from the first penny invested.

Amazingly, you don’t even have to possess a background in e-commerce for you to enroll. He leverages his Tu.tienda platform to deliver personalized teaching and advice to all his students. This includes a step-by-step and detailed approach to guide you on how best to sell your products in your specific market niche.

Through the online training course, Fede has managed to get more than 500 people to become successful digital entrepreneurs. This includes empowering students with as little as 60 euros to earn more than 2,000 euros within their first few days of activity.

A successful digital entrepreneur, Fede shares that becoming a digital entrepreneur is not going to be an easy task especially if you are not determined. He recalls his early days in the trade where he made numerous mistakes in many truncated projects, including losing money. He, however, never gave up but continued working hard with the dream of success.

Today, he is a successful digital entrepreneur, helping others find their successes. To Fede, anyone who has the desire and determination can sell online without previous experience.

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