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Robotics and Virtual Dentistry: What Dr. Maged el-Malecki sees in the Future of Dentistry

Dr. Maged el-Malecki (ascend 14)

Over the years, the practice of dentistry has drastically evolved due to technological advances. With dental clinics working to adapt to the new industry trends, Boston Dental is keeping up with the latest technologies to ensure patients receive exemplary services and enjoy the ultimate experience.

Boston Dental is a world-class multidisciplinary dental center headed by Dr. Maged el-Malecki with clinics in Boston and Dubai. Dr. el-Malecki is a board-certified award-winning aesthetic dentist. With close to twenty years in practice, Dr. el-Malecki is both experienced and highly skilled. He is also an active member of AACD (American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry). He has recently been honored as one of the world’s top cosmetic dentists by the Leading Physicians of the World.

Known for its comprehensive care in general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, dental implants, orthodontics, periodontics, and oral surgery, Boston Dental is helping transform thousands of smiles across the globe.

Experienced and passionate about dentistry and technology, Dr. el-Malecki and his team use their craft to redefine the industry. “Our team understands that emergencies do not always happen at the best times,” says Dr. el-Malecki. With their on-call dental services, the team at Boston Dental ensures patients can be treated in the convenience of their homes. Boston Dental additionally has an online virtual consult that supports Facetime, allowing global patients to seek their services.

Driven by their goal of comprehensive health care, restorative and preventive dentistry, Boston Dental has invested in modern technology and techniques to ensure top-notch care for its patients.

For instance, Boston Dental has adopted the use of digital dental X-rays. This helps provide clear color contrast in HD and view bone density, among other benefits, which allows a more informed diagnosis. In addition, Boston Dental uses intraoral dental isolation, which is comfortable to use and convenient. With intraoral isolation, the dentists at Boston Dental can safely isolate and work on a tooth without disruptions. The clinic also has computer generated dental cone beam tomography and DIAGNOdent, among other state-of-the-art technologies to aid in diagnostics.

When asked about the future, Dental Director Dr. el-Malecki says he wants to expand his practice globally and help more people redesign their smiles. As an innovator, Dr. el-Malecki is eager to adopt more of the latest technologies and expand the robotic virtual consultation, making dentistry services more accessible. Boston Dental is set to open their clinic in Seaport in Boston Wharf and continue guiding and educating patients through their cosmetic dental procedures.

Covid-19 has helped speed up the uptake of technology across many industries to ensure the safety and protection of patients. Boston Dental has a UV disinfection robot that disinfects the surfaces and surrounding environment to prevent contamination.

There is no doubt that technology improves the way things are done. A few years ago, digital dentistry was considered the future of dentistry, and it’s now here! However, that doesn’t mean the industry won’t adopt more advanced technologies. Boston Dental will be expanding their robotic virtual dentistry globally, and the future of dentistry is brighter than ever before.

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