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Breaking into the Real Estate Industry as a Mompreneur: Jamisa Mclvor Bennet Shares Her Secret

Dr. Jamisa McIvor-Bennett (ascend 5)

Entrepreneurship is daunting, and being a mom is also challenging. On the other hand, real estate investment is majorly dominated by men, which poses a challenge for women trying to establish their spot in the industry. Despite all that, Dr. Jamisa Mclvor Bennet has marked and cemented her spot in real estate investing.

Jamisa is a mother to four children, a top real estate investor, and the founder of the number one real estate consulting company, Rosebud’s Investments. At 27 years old, Jamisa’s portfolio has more than 20 properties that are all mortgage-free. Rosebud’s Investments has also helped over 500 individuals become property owners with little to no debt and have financed more than 200 deals. Working to show people that anyone can own property, they help clients find houses as cheap as $600. To date, they have helped 175 people purchase $600 investment properties.

Maintaining a proper balance between being a mom and your career is hard. This leads to most moms suffering from guilt as they feel like they do not get enough time with their kids. According to Jamisa, to ensure she gets to spend time with her kids, she includes them in what she does. Often when working, she has her kids beside her. As she gets to spend time with them, they also get to learn about the business world.

A strong advocate for generational wealth creation, especially amongst women, Jamisa has created an organization that works under the umbrella of her company where she educates women on how to invest, generate wealth, and maintain a balance between motherhood and pursuing their dreams. Jamisa provides tools and resources to help women build their own wealth and break free from having to depend on the system.

“You can have it all,” says Jamisa, “You do not have to give up on one to let the other one work. You can be a mom, have a successful career and also be a wife. All it takes is learning how to balance.” Her advice is to give it your all and believe in yourself. It is better to fail while trying than to not try at all, and unless you try, you will never know the outcome.

Although real estate was a path she had not pictured herself on, Jamisa always knew her future had to be great. When she stumbled upon real estate and fell in love with the industry, she dedicated her time to learning more about her newfound passion, and she has found greatness in real estate investment.

When she was starting out, Jamisa notes that very few people believed in her dreams. Not listening to the negative opinions, she pushed harder. “It’s never about what people say or think about you,” says Jamisa, “It’s about who you decide to become!”

As she continues to thrive, she aims to empower, educate, and support more women and show them they can also have it all. Jamisa’s future in real estate is also bright. Her dream is to grow her portfolio even further and help more real estate investors gain a solid foundation of what the industry is all about and how to make real estate profitable.

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