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Modern-Day Explorer Dakota Wint Shares His Stories From Unknown Corners of the Earth

Dakota Wint (ascend 1)

The earth is full of untold stories and unseen experiences. Unfortunately, not all people are able to travel and explore for various reasons. Dakota Wint is a young explorer sharing untold stories and unseen experiences with the rest of the world as he continues to tour different communities.

Still in his twenties, Dakota is a passionate explorer who has dedicated his life to exploring different cultural taboos, religious beliefs, and traditions. He is also an influencer, YouTuber, podcast host, and poet.

Having toured India, Peru (where he came across the Amazonian tribe of the Shipibo), the Middle East, and now Mexico, Dakota shares the unique cultural traditions of the indigenous tribes he encounters. This can be found on his YouTube channel Dakota of Earth and his podcast A Place for Humans.

“It’s quite exciting to see a new side of things, more so to discover a tradition you never knew existed,” says Dakota. Through his travels, Dakota has learned how to handle situations differently and knows that there is more to the world than what you are exposed to.

Dakota notes how these explorations have impacted his life, helped him meet new friends, and encouraged personal growth. “The beauty of traveling is that you do not have to stick to routines,” says Dakota. Every day is a fresh new start for travelers. He notes that as a storyteller and poet, it has helped diversify his creativity. In addition, as a young person, traveling has taught him how to be independent, responsible, and take risks.

On one of his trips across the world, Dakota came to learn of the Aghori tribe. The Aghori are indigenous to the holy city of Varanasi, India. Although quite shocking but still interesting, Dakota learned of their unique traditions and beliefs. “According to the people of the Aghori, by carrying out postmortem rituals and using dead bodies in their spiritual practices, they believe they are obtaining earthly powers and spiritual enlightenment,” explains Dakota.

Intrigued by the discovery of new things, Dakota set out to the Middle East to learn more about the mystical side of Abrahamic religions. Fuelled by his passion for exploration and adventure, he retraced the footsteps of Moses and Jesus from Turkey to Egypt, Israel, Palestine, and Jordan. Here he got to experience incredible historical spots referenced in the Bible and other holy texts.

The above are only a few examples of the different places Dakota Wint has traveled to.

No doubt, the cultural divide has several negative effects on society. Arguably, one of the main reasons for these divides is a lack of knowledge and understanding of different communities’ way of life. Dakota Wint is working to close this gap by creating awareness of various customs, traditions, and cultures.

As he continues to explore the world, his goal of showing his audiences different communities around the globe remains at the forefront. He is also looking to launch his first novel and write more poetry about the earth and his explorations.

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