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How Cody Kerns Helps Businesses Grow on Social Media

Cody Kerns (ascend 26)

Social media is currently the most happening platform for businesses to grow their brand and generate leads. When it comes to social media, it is not only about an extensive follower base, it is also about real engagement. The extremely competitive space makes it difficult for new brands to find their target customers because everyone is fighting for attention. This is where professional agencies come to play. They help businesses get the desired focus on social media but often resort to hoax methods to do it. The result appears to be impressive but doesn't boost sales at all. Cody Kerns, the digital marketing expert noticed this discrepancy a few years ago and founded his own marketing agency iComeUp Marketing to bridge this gap.

Cody Kerns is the founder and CEO of iComeUp Marketing, a digital marketing agency that is helping businesses grow their presence on social media. So far, the company has worked with more than 4000 businesses offering them the most result-oriented services. Kerns has also founded two other companies: Kerns Marketing and Kerns Capital. While Kerns Marketing is another digital marketing agency developing ads and increasing online sales for businesses, Kerns Capital is an investment firm that has started to tap into the crypto market.

It all started when Kerns was in 7th grade. His natural entrepreneurial skills prompted him to start his own chewing gum business that lasted until he was in high school. Kerns was always brilliant at sales. He often earned his pocket money by selling electronic gadgets, sneakers, and other items to his classmates. This did not make him a millionaire but went a long way in honing his skills for the future. Kerns dropped out of his business management program at Coastal Carolina University after a year to pursue his goal in marketing.

Today, Kerns’ company iComeUp Marketing is spinning seven figures in revenue from sales. The company started its operations in 2015 and has now scaled up to become one of the fastest-growing marketing agencies operating on the Instagram platform. Kerns has generated over $15 million in digital sales while spending very little on ads. iComeUp Marketing has now partnered with Cardone Ventures to further escalate its growth in the marketing space.

iComeUp Marketing is currently working with some of the biggest clients on social media platforms like The Apex Agency, Ryan Tseko, and Highkey Agency to name a few. Cody has also worked with some of the top social media brands, and influencers such as The Apex Agency, Highkey Clout, and thousands more. The reason behind his success is Kerns’ principle to stick to authentic results. While other agencies try to create a make-believe bubble for their clients with a huge follower base, Kerns delivers results. He provides real followers that lead to real engagements and boosts real sales for the brands. iComeUp Marketing never makes any superficial promises to the clients. It is evident from its proven track record of the last five years.

Kerns's inspiring story has been featured in innumerable publications. He has been interviewed more than a hundred times and he shared his views on the importance and evolution of social media marketing.

He has always been focused on helping new brands build their presence on social media and will continue to do so in the coming years. Going by the growth of his company under his experienced leadership, iComeUp Marketing is on its way to becoming the largest in the digital marketing space and a reliable destination for budding businesses to grow on the digital platform.

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