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Get your pet the luxury it deserves with Pink Papyrus:

Christine Abdelmalek (ascend 24)

Christine Abdelmalek is the founder and CEO of Pink Papyrus. Christine is originally from New Orleans Louisiana but now lives in Irvine California. She has spent her childhood in New Orleans with her parents. She was good in her studies and had obtained a doctorate degree in pharmacy. By profession, she is a licensed pharmacist in California. She was leading a good life with her husband who is also a veterinarian by profession. But now Christine is a famous and public figure and the CEO of Pink Papyrus.

Pink Papyrus is her creation. She was creative since the beginning, but due to her profession and her day-to-day life, her creativity was lost in her. Suddenly one day, while she was with her husband and she saw a person who was walking their dog on a dirty ugly leash. This was the moment when a spark rose in her mind and Pink Papyrus was created. That very moment woke up the creativity of her hidden talent. She decided to do something for those pets and make them fashionable and colourful by giving them designer accessories to change their appearance. Pink Papyrus is a pet apparel label in California. It is a production house for modern pups.

Christine was now the famous founder of Pink Papyrus. Soon Pink Papyrus and its colourful creative products were getting fame and were the talk of the town but all this was creating a little problem for Christine as she was confused and was not able to decide on which side, she should put her attention and time to work. At last, she decided to put all her effort into the creativity and the production work of Pink Papyrus. Christine was always supported by her husband in her work.

Pink Papyrus is now producing all the requirements for pets like leashes, collars, bandanna dog shirts and also waste bags and waste bag holders. They have crafted the BFF mini, keeping in mind that it has enough space to keep the rolls of waste bags, treats, a key or two and an entire credit card slot- we think it was a genius work. Pink Papyrus are very much genuine about the materials and safety of the handcrafted products keeping in mind the choices and fashion of the owners and the pets. They have also prepared their products in different sizes. Christine is now very much satisfied doing this work which has always been inside her and fulfilling her creativity through her work. These products are famous due to many reasons like adjustable size, gold-tone D-rings, providing a luxurious look designed to make your furbaby the most fashionable pup in the block or in the park.

Christine Abdelmalek has also been a regular donor to the animal shelter and rescue in their area. So, while we purchase any products of Pink Papyrus, we are taking part in the charity indirectly for a good purpose. Follow them on

Website: http://www.pinkpapyrus.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thepinkpapyrus

Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/pink_papyrus

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