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How Chelsea Mimms is Navigating Social Media and Finding Confidence

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With advancements in digital technology, social media has arguably become the most popular mode of communication. Facebook currently has approximately 2.8 billion active users, and Instagram has approximately one billion active users monthly. These are only a few of the numerous social media platforms.

Realizing the potential of social media, businesses and brands have also taken advantage of social media platforms to grow their business. However, navigating through social media is not all easy, considering the billions of users. Chelsea Justine Mimms is an influencer and content creator leveraging digital platforms.

Growing up in a small town where many people were hesitant to use social media, Chelsea often found herself making videos about fashion and beauty. Even though she enjoyed it, she was a little concerned about how her friends and family would react to her idea, given that she was deviating from the social norm. In her words, she feared the backlash from her family and friends.

After many years, Chelsea found the courage to share her Youtube channel with her peers, and amazingly, they all loved her content. Overwhelmed by the support and love, there was no turning back for Chelsea Mimms. She now creates content centered on fashion, motherhood, and everything related to babies.

Finding your footing on social media can be quite challenging; even so, Chelsea notes this is a crucial step towards building your confidence. It is equally important to believe in yourself, adds Chelsea. She has been passionate about fashion and beauty since she was young. As a mom, she loves her journey of motherhood. By combining this two, she found something fun, educational, and immensely fulfilling to create.

Starting out, Chelsea recalls telling herself that she would share her content once she reached a certain number of followers. Before she knew it, it turned into a cycle; even though she reached the predetermined number, she found herself pushing it even further as a means of avoiding sharing her content. In her words, she feared how the world would perceive her content. Through finding her confidence, she has experienced more joy and happiness in content creation. She now creates and shares her content freely.

She recommends you to follow your passion because only then will you find happiness. While she went to the university and earned a degree, it never really piqued her interest. By following your passion, you enjoy every bit of your path, says Chelsea.

Additionally, she urges you not to listen to the opinions of others and be more confident in yourself. Chelsea advises being unapologetically yourself and never allowing anyone to judge you for doing what you love. Although it took her some time to realize it, being in the spotlight means that some people will despise you while others will adore you. What matters most is your love for your work, adds Chelsea.

With a whopping 18K subscribers on her Youtube Channel and over 3.8 million views, Chelsea Mimms is just getting started. Focused on creating raw and natural things that moms go through, Chelsea aims at empowering women and showing moms that they are not alone on their journey to motherhood. She is also looking to create a clothing brand, and we are sure this will also be an exciting journey for her.

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