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BrookHaven Media, headed by Scott Popescu is creating an online sensation every day:

Scotterly Brookhaven Media (ascend 26)

Scott Popescu is the founder and CEO of BrookHaven Media, a digital media marketing agency. Scott is a self-made entrepreneur and social media influencer, who has been brought to the spotlight for all the right reasons. Born and brought up in the USA, the 27-year-old is the man to go to if you want to make a name for yourself.

Apart from having a charming and witty personality, Scott Popescu is a man of many talents- with skills in digital content creation, social media marketing, networking, designing and strategizing. His agency, BrookHaven Media has to date helped thousands of upcoming individuals and brands to market themselves and has broadened their target audience to a capacity that attracts millions of eyeballs every day. He does this by using online tools to his advantage to run influential marketing campaigns which help connect with and maintain a global audience. His attention to detail and dedication to offering innovative and actually effective solutions to your individual marketing needs is what makes him a favourite amongst others.

In essence, Scott Popescu is a businessman, but since his line of work includes having a strong digital presence, Scott thought there is no better way to prove the efficacy of his strategies than by using them upon himself. With his superior marketing and advertising skills and determination to set an example, he now has over 600K followers on his Instagram account. This helps him and his business BrookHaven Media stand out from others, as other creator led marketing agencies do not have over half a million followers to their own founder’s name. Potential customers can notice this difference and are more assured of the quality of customer service and marketing solutions offered by BrookHaven Media.

However, now that he has become popular on the internet as an influencer and is considered a social media personality in his own right, Scott is not dismissive of this job title. He uses his position of influence to good use and is quite a sensation on Instagram, which is his platform of choice. He posts videos regularly, which talk of motivating and uplifting facts- a necessity in these dire times. Scott Popescu is a man who is doing justice not only to himself and his business but also to the hundreds of thousands of people who follow him, providing a guiding figure for those who want to follow in his footsteps.

To stay connected with Scott Popescu and his success story, you can follow him on:

FB: Facebook.com/scotterly

IG: Instagram.com/Scotterly

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