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Breeze Maxx Review: Is BreezeMaxx Portable AC Scam or Legit?

Breeze Maxx Reviews (mbk 3)

Breeze Maxx can help you keep comfortable, cooled, and relaxed during hot summer days, as it's a compact air and lightweight personal air cooling device. You will save money by using a personal air cooler instead of running a traditional air conditioning system for cooling your entire home. This AC unit is specially built to help keep rooms and small areas cold. According to online feedback, Breeze Maxx does what it claims: it cools, humidifies, and cleans the air.

Breeze Maxx: How does it work?

Breeze Maxx features a PolarTEC-coated and locking water tank made from 2 pieces to help keep the air moist and fresh. A large number of air conditioners, particularly window models, remove humidity from the air. They evaporate heat to cool the air off. While they use metal coils and other advanced elements to blow cool air in your house, they don’t work by evaporation, utilizing coils and other machinery damaging your health. Breeze Maxx’s primary goals are lowering temperatures, cooling the air, and providing moisture. Here are its main components that make all these things possible:

Water Tank

Breeze Maxx features a 380ml water tank or reservoir. Water is pumped into the tank to release moisture in the surroundings. The device emits cool air, and the water increases the amount of moisture in the atmosphere. In other words, Breeze Maxx is also designed to add moisture.

Water Curtain

Breeze Maxx’s water curtain cools and filters allergens from the air. As a result, evaporation happens, and moisture is provided. The warm air that passes through the water curtain becomes cooler to make the surrounding area livable in hot weather. As a consequence, the air exiting the system is colder and humidified.

Air Filters

For compact air conditioning devices such as Breeze Maxx, the primary concern is air cooling. But Breeze Maxx serves to both cool the air and humidify it at the same time. It spreads cooled recycled room air across spaces. Air goes via a water curtain filter and through the device, and here it traps allergens. Pollen and dust, and more will purportedly be removed the same way. The air that goes through the filter is then cooled as it moves through the water mechanism. This cools the atmosphere even more.

Breeze Maxx Benefits and Features

Here are Breeze Maxx’s most notable benefits and features, according to the product’s official website:

4-in-1 System

Breeze Maxx is unique because it incorporates four different devices in one. It lowers the temperature, circulates air, filters impurities from the air, and makes the atmosphere more humid. Instead of purchasing four machines, you can get this air conditioner, fan, air humidifier, and purifier in one.

For any Room

Breeze Maxx is not intended to cool off the entire home. It is not designed to cool larger areas either, but it’s claimed to be perfect for a bedroom, an office, or a dorm room. Based on user feedback, Breeze Maxx cools smaller spaces by around 10 degrees below-average temperatures.

Ease of Use

No matter the user’s technical abilities, Breeze Maxx is straightforward to use. There is no software to run. If you plug it in, you can fill the water tank and instantly start using it.

Eliminates Allergens and Dust

The filter inside Breeze Maxx collects allergen and dust particles. It can eliminate toxins, including pollen and other pollutants, from the environment as well.

Power It On and No Worries

Breeze Maxx can be, without issues, left running for as long as the user needs. Please choose one of the three fan speeds and then let it do its job. Although it continues to cool the air across the room, the 380ml capacity water tank inevitably runs out and will need to be refilled.

No Installation

Breeze Maxx doesn't need a separate air conditioning device to work. Instead, fill its tank with water, plug it in, and experience the fresh cool air.

Smart Design

The Breeze Maxx personal air cooler is also built to have a unique look. This portable cooling device is not like other conventional air conditioning systems. It's different through its compactness and sleek look, and simplicity.

Use Breeze Maxx

Here are the steps to begin using Breeze Maxx:

Plug the USB fan into a power socket or USB port, using the supplied USB charging cord

Push the power button, and the fan's startup procedure will begin

To change the device's speed, use the MODE button for cycling through the various settings. Click and hold the "+" button for one second to alter the speed from low to high. For as long as needed, Breeze Max can work at low, medium, and high speeds

Fill the unit’s water tank to improve its effectiveness and humidify the air

How to Fill Breeze Maxx’s Water Tank?

Here are the steps to follow when filling Breeze Maxx’s water tank:

Unplug Breeze Maxx and remove its water tank located on the right side

After the tank is unscrewed, fill it with water

Tighten the cover of the tank

The tank should be properly aligned with the central unit at this stage, and you should press down on the tank.

Until these steps are complete, you should not keep the device on its side. Make sure it stays upright. This device can become damaged if water flows through its fan’s circuit board. To refill the tank, the water must be drained using the unit’s water drainage system. Then, open the fan, remove its water curtain, and tilt. Any drop of water that accumulates in the drainpipe will eventually flow through the drain door's hole.

How to Replace Breeze Maxx's Water Curtain?

For even more cooling and humidification capacity, Breeze Maxx AC features a water curtain. Adding to the unit's cooling process, this curtain is used to trap allergens. Here’s how to replace it:

Disconnect Breeze Maxx from the power source, then remove its top cover

The water curtain can be removed

Once soaking it, place it back in the cooler.

Finally, replace the top sheet.

You will need to blow-dry the curtain if you have not used Breeze Maxx for an extended period. When it comes to water-absorbing curtains, you should expect to get 6 to 8 months of use. Whether you do not use Breeze Maxx for an extended time or if you leave the curtain in place for long, the curtain may become moldy.

Technical Specifications for Breeze Maxx

In its instructions manual, Breeze Maxx features its technical details, which is great because this enables you to check its technical specifications. Here are some of these specifications:

WT-F10 Model

ABS/Silica Built

5V Input

2,200 rpm, 3,100 rpm, and 3,600 rpm Motor Speeds

Voltage Ranging: 0.2mA to 1.0mA

Size: 6.69×5.98×6.18 inches

Weight: 776g

Wattage 5W to 1W

Breeze Maxx has a central unit, a water filter curtain, a USB charging cord, and an instructions manual inside its box.

What Do Breeze Maxx Reviews Have to Say?

Many customer reviews are available online for this product. There are also some favorable reports on the Breeze Maxx official website. In general, consumers concur that this fan performs as advertised and offers the following additional benefits: cooling and cleaning the air and increasing humidity. This is what a few of the Breeze Maxx reviewers are saying exactly, according to the company's website:

Most reviews indicate Breeze Maxx offers cooling without the expense of a traditional and bulky air conditioning system.

One reviewer was happy at how fast her delivery came.

According to another reviewer, Breeze Maxx is a space-saving system. It just takes up a limited amount of desktop space but expels enough cool air.

Two reviewers appreciated Breeze Maxx's three speeds for giving users the option of circulating more-cooled, cleaner air at varying intensities.

Most other reviews extolled the praises of Breeze Maxx, with many agreeing that anyone can use it, even if having zero technical ability.

According to one reviewer, Breeze Maxx’s tank maintains around 10 degrees cooler temperatures and lasts for 6 hours when used on the maximum level.

Numerous reviewers found that Breeze Maxx effectively provides cool and, most important, clean air at low operation and maintenance costs. Everything you have to do is plug it in and fill its water tank up. Leave it running for how long you think it’s necessary to keep your room cold.

Breeze Maxx Pricing Offers

Anyone can buy Breeze Maxx from the product’s official website, where some amazing discounts are being applied to prices, depending on how many units are being purchased:

1 Breeze Maxx for $89.99 + $9.95 Shipping

2 Breeze Maxx units for a total of $170.98 ($85.49 per unit) + $9.95 Shipping

3 Breeze Maxx fans at $242.97 in total ($80.00 per fan) + $9.95 Shipping

4 Breeze Maxx units for $305.97 (at only $76.49 per unit) + $9.95 Shipping

5 Breeze Maxx devices for $359.96 (so, $71.99 per device) + $9.95 Shipping

You can apply an additional warranty on all orders for just $18 per unit. Breeze Maxx also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

The company that sells the Breeze Maxx air cooler is based in Union, New Jersey. You can get in touch with them via:

Phone: 1-877-821-0177

Email: [email protected]

Mailing Address: 2345 Vauxhall Road, Union, NJ 07083

Final Breeze Maxx Portable AC Insights

There are many benefits and features worthy of considering when wanting to buy the Breeze Maxx today. Just like other outdated reviews of Breeze Maxx, saying, "To sum this up, Daily Wellness Pro believes that the Breeze Maxx mobile air conditioner is the best alternative to the conventional and costly air conditioners from the marketplace due to the impeccable capabilities. It appears to be the ultimate solution to your whole office or home installation since you're able to change it from 1 spot to another without a technician's help. The cleaning of the air conditioner is likewise straightforward, making it the ideal selection for a layman. So, go ahead and click on their official website and purchase this economical and effective AC with no delay."

While we would agree with most of this, it is important to stay away from the Breeze Maxx scams online and order directly through the official website so the money back guarantee is ensured, along with quality and integrity of a reputable company support availability.

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